Who Needs The Nobel Prize In Literature When China Can Get Its Equivalent In ARCHITECTURE?

Kick-ass Wang Shu won the best fucking award ever yesterday, picked by a bunch of nearly-as-awesome dudes for building kick-ass shit and being generally kick-ass-ish. Step aside, Frank Gehry. Step aside, Tadao Ando. Step aside, Renzo Piano, if that is your real name. And what the heck does Eduardo Souto de Moura even mean? The kick-ass club limits its member names to two words or fewer. Sorry, Ed. Chairman Wang now has the dais.

“Step aside, Pei. I M Awesome is your new overlord.”

So slick I can lick it. (Already done.) Photo by Lü Hengzhong

We are all bitches under the dome of the world. Photo by Lu Wenyu

It's not phallic because of the fog. Photo by Lu Wenyu

Pritzker Prize website.

    5 Responses to “Who Needs The Nobel Prize In Literature When China Can Get Its Equivalent In ARCHITECTURE?”

    1. jq

      The history museum looks like a failed 3D-effect blueprint brought to reality, and honestly I don’t understand why everyone’s still obssessed with waterside shoeboxes since Frank Lloyd Wright (except this one is much worse: it doesn’t fit into the environment at all)

    2. Matt M.

      First of all, he’s not the first and won’t be the last to steal a few ideas from Star Wars. My thesis project looks like a walker from the Empire Strikes back. Its great that a Chinese architect is being internationally recognized. Architecture is an important part of contemporary cultural identity which China seems to be desperately seeking.

    3. Scott

      I’ve stolen ideas from Star Wars too. I got really really fucking obliterated and ended up going home with a girl that looked like Chewbacca. Does that count? Can I get into the kick-ass club with a story like that?


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