You Can Almost See This Girl’s Nipple

The one in the red dress is Susi. Bless her

Do you like Westlife? Do you really? Would you travel from Hawaii to Beijing to see Westlife? Is that how much you like Westlife? Are you so much into the whole liking of Westlife that you have a friend who would send an email to an expat magazine’s editor asking for help in arranging a meeting between Westlife and yourself? That’s how much you like Westlife?

I fucking doubt it.

I give full credit to the Beijinger for reposting this email that is so, so sad, way beyond words:

Susi supported Organisations like the Make a wish foundation, to help sick children fulfill their dreams.

Susi supported Greenpeace and the Human society.

Susi raised $7000 (US dollars) for world hunger and changed the lifes of thousands of people with it.

Susi managed to unite 300 women from more than 50 countries to support a message of peace for a trooper most of them haven’t even met.

Susi alone has been done an incredible job to support and help the world to get a little bit better.

Now, it would be the time to make 1 of Susis biggest wishes come true. To meet Westlife.Can you help me with this?

It was sent by Susi’s friend Ella to help Susi — traveling from Hawaii to Beijing to see Westlife — meet Westlife. Susi is German. God alone knows why she lives in Hawaii.



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    1. Pyrrhic Victor

      If the Beijinger is becoming the “Make a Wish” Foundation for people with good karma, I would be ever so grateful if they would help me with my dream of a Bono-free planet. I’ve been a decent sort, and I’d like to think I’ve earned it.


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