CBA Finals: Beijing’s Series-Clinching Win In Its Entirety

Our coverage of the CBA Finals continues:

  • Above (Youku video for those in China after the jump): the final 17 seconds of last night’s game, in which the Beijing Ducks — with Stephon Marbury on the bench with six fouls — tries to protect a two-point lead. Watch as Guangdong gets three shots to at least tie. At the 13:38 mark, Marbury emerges from the locker room and takes the court by himself, soaking in the crowd chanting either his name (Ma-Bu-Li) or “M-V-P.”
  • After the jump: the embedded playlist for Game 5 in its entirety.
  • Earlier today: Video of the award ceremony in which we see that fans had not quite forgiven some of the Southern Tigers for their dirty play.
  • And from last night: In Beijing, The New Champion Of Chinese Basketball.

Complete Game 5:

Youku video of the final 17 seconds plus celebration:

Youku video of the entire game, split into two parts:

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