The Ladies Of Beijing Cream Talk About Menstruation

Some government departments in China ask its female civil service candidates to write about their menstrual cycle. As China Daily first reported among English media:

She said she was told to fill in a form that asked about the date of her first menstruation and her menstrual cycle.

“I felt so odd answering those questions. What does my period have to do with my work abilities?” she said. “Is someone whose period starts on the first day of the month more competitive than one whose period starts on the 10th?”

Seems reasonable. Following this country’s example, we asked the contributors of Beijing Cream to talk about their time of the month — that bloody, bloody, disgusting time.


Last week of the month. Normal flow. 4-5 days in duration. Sometimes irregular.


When I get my period, I am already prepared for it so I don’t worry too much. Also, apart from the cramps which can be solved by period painkillers, if you wear tampons, you really don’t feel a thing so it’s almost as if it didn’t happen. Some women though feel extreme pain and discomfort and it’s probably the worst thing (besides pregnancy) a woman can go through. However, I don’t feel uncomfortable being asked about it because it’s actually one of the best things. If I can put up with it every month, I will forever have a reason to tell men to suck it because they have no idea and will never have any idea and can therefore never be better than a woman. And if you reject my application for the civil service because of my answer, then fuck you all sexist bastards.


Anyone who’s taken biology should know this: it’s three to five days of period (on average) for a 28-day cycle (on average).


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    6 Responses to “The Ladies Of Beijing Cream Talk About Menstruation”

    1. Dingles

      I often get ass-splitting diarrhea(about once a week)that gets so bad I end up on the floor in fetal position whistling show tunes. Yes Zozo, no man understands your period, but there are plenty of men and women that understand the utter pain of uncontrollable shits without having a toilet or a convenient pad shoved into my rectum. I’d take your menstrual cycle over my shit-cycle in a heartbeat.

    2. Zozo

      Dear Mr. Dingles,

      So, you sound like a sexist bastard, and therefore I think you deserve the ass-splitting diarrhoea you get every week.

      PS: You can try to think like you know how it feels but you will never know and you will always be lesser because of that…


    3. Dingles

      Dear Zozo,

      So you sound like a typical British educated man-hater, maybe you should collect the monthly droppings and make organic finger paintings of Earth’s origins?

      P.S. no one understands others pain, and with your first statement, you clearly identified you are just as ignorant to others pain, as men are to womens pain.



    4. Scott

      Two words. Blue. Balls. Yeah, we men have no idea.

      Honestly, Zozo, I don’t know you and maybe your comment was a joke, in which case what follows is unnecessary. On the off chance that you were serious about always being better than men because of your menstrual pain, I have something to say on that.

      I personally see myself as “better” than anyone who would look for reasons to say that they are better than a whole demographic for one single reason. To me, that just shows that you have so little value for your own self worth. Women are not better than men. And before you gather a bra-burning, pitchfork and torch-carrying mob to come and lynch me for saying that, read this: Men are not better than women either. Both sexes are equally ignorant, sexist, arrogant and fucking stupid. On the other hand, they are equally intelligent, insightful, empathetic, caring, etc. Instead of trying to compare your menstrual pain to men’s lack of said pain as proof that you as a sex are better than us, take a moment to evaluate your own self worth, learn your strengths and your weaknesses both as a woman and as a person, accept them while at the same time finding a way to better yourself AS A PERSON, love yourself no matte what other people think or say, and suddenly, you may just find that there are some pretty decent guys out there who, though they do not experience the pain themselves, are pretty god damn understanding about it.

      On the other hand, if it was just a joke, I did laugh. In that case, you can disregard everything I said above.

      Oh, and Tao. I had about a period of time where I didn’t pass a single solid turd for about two months. Sometimes it was painful, but mostly it was just fucking annoying as hell because I went through a lot of toilet paper and one thing I hate almost more than anything is having to go to Jia Le Fu for toilet paper (or any single item) because what should take about 5 minutes turns into a poorly coordinated fucking operation because of all the fucking idiots. But then, I guess that’s not so much of an extend shits post, but I thought I’d contribute something. :)


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