This Is Not Pornographic

Ah who am I kidding, it totally is. Shanghai Daily reports:

SCULPTURES in a Pudong hotel that were covered up after being branded pornographic are going back on display – though with the most revealing given a lower profile.

The five artworks at the Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai depict the naked figures of a muscular man and a full-figured woman kissing and embracing in different poses.

“People have different understandings of the artworks,” said Eve Zhou, a public relations official with the hotel. “Opinion is very subjective, but at least no one said they’re ugly!”

They’re called “I am Beauty,” by artist Geng Bo.

Earlier this month, they were covered up because of concerns of their graphic nature. Yes, they’re provocative in the way that all nudity in public might be, but they’re not real porn. And not real art, either. Why aren’t people offended by that?

Note to the Shanghai Daily’s editors: I’m extremely happy to see you’ve taken my advice and gotten rid of your paywall, at least for the first link. The second link — see how I had to link to People’s Daily Online? It’s because no one can access your article, written by Liang Yiwen. He/she broke the story, right? Credit is deserved, though no one will give it because the story is behind a paywall. Are you listening, SCMP?

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    1. Fabio

      Craig, I love the photo you used, Roger and his man bags, LOL.My comment suodns harsher than what I meant it to be, but as a Roddick fan I could not help but notice the striking similarities between the two matches I mentioned, and the completely different fan/media reaction afterwards. Different expectations for different players I guess. But those people who used to laugh at Roddick’s failings vs Federer, saying he’s a clown and not good enough to beat the great Roger, what are they saying now? Perhaps now they finally understand what it means for their guy to be stymied by someone else who will likely go down in history as being one of the greatest players ever. Federer losing in three consecutive slam finals to Nadal on clay doesn’t mean he’s a clown and can’t play tennis, it just makes him unlucky to be living in the Nadal era. Finally, now they know.


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