And Here Are Sora Aoi’s Breasts [SFW]

As sometimes happens when the prigs over at the State Administration of Radio Film and Television (SARFT) get bored, they make an announcement. The recent one was a reiteration that vulgarity and scandal are not to be allowed on television, and just to prove they’re serious, they more or less singled out former AV star Sora Aoi, as Sina reports. (A Tencent poll – about as trustworthy as a dog driving – purports to show that 68.8 percent of respondents were in favor of SARFT’s crackdown, 10.7 percent were indifferent and 22.6 percent were against.) SARFT said people who made their name online or through the media or are scandal-ridden will not be allowed on Chinese TV. Sora made porn films. She’s most certainly banned.

So, perhaps as a response, the Japanese bombshell (sometimes called Aoi Sola) took to Sina Weibo and posted the above picture to comfort her 11 million fans/followers. The post currently has 21,000-plus forwards and 15,551 comments.

I’ve said enough about Sora in the past, so I’ll just direct you to this previous post if you’re interested in my thoughts on the young lady. You can guess the jizz of it, I’m sure.

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