Reliving Championships Never Gets Old

There’s something visceral and raw to being a sports fan, knowing your passion and emotions are probably misappropriated but continuing nonetheless on your Quixotic pursuit to will your team to victory. Nothing quite captures this spirit like fan POV videos, particularly at the conclusion of major events. In the above, Beijing is 6.1 seconds away from clinching the CBA championship, and captain Chen Lei is at the line with the chance to ice the game. At his first miss, there’s a loud gasp, followed immediately by the PA announcer saying, “Let’s hear some encouragement!” The rest you can watch for yourself.

After the jump, I’ve included several other Youku videos uploaded by fans who can always say they were there the day the Ducks completed the greatest upset in CBA history. In the second video, one fan shushes those around him as Chen Lei prepares to take his second free throw. In the last video, fans chant sarcastic “thanks” to Su Wei, Guangdong coach Li Chunjiang, and — rather hilariously (Chinese fans love their chants, I’ve realized) — “sweep the leg” (see previous link for explanation).

(In this one, fans call for Aaron Brooks to be ejected after he commits a hard foul [he was whistled for the flagrant].)

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