Foreigner Accused Of Rape Currently In Police Custody

An update of the story earlier today of the man accused of sexually assaulting a Chinese girl in Beijing: There’s scant information that’s verifiable. For example, a photograph has been offered up on Weibo (above) that purports to show the same man – or at least a man wearing the same trousers and shoes – accompanied by the following wholly unsubstantiated claim: “我次傲,这个社会真是乱了套了,出这些外国贱货,地铁上公开对女性性骚扰,车厢里来回窜,直接用将近勃起的下体顶别人,完全不顾别人眼光,在我这个门这就骚扰了5个女的。最后直接站在那小姑娘的面前!!!(“I am at the subway station, fuck, this society is totally messed up. These foreign bitches sexually harass women on the subway; pushing his erection against them, totally disregard others. He just harassed 5 women. Finally, he just directly stood in front of that little girl.”)

The alleged “foreign rapist” – stress “alleged” – is currently in police custody. This doesn’t mean he has been charged with a crime. The police report the man was “drunk,” so, compounded with the beating he took, it might be a while before he can give a coherent statement. The police have confirmed that there was an altercation with a UK national on an extended L (tourist) visa and he is currently being questioned. Anything else, at the moment, is likely to be just rumor and conjecture. –RFH

    12 Responses to “Foreigner Accused Of Rape Currently In Police Custody”

    1. Johan Klutz

      Please don’t call him English, this is a Paki or some dirty Arab with an english passport, in any case a filthy muslim. You should have beat this rapist to death, that is the only way to deal with it.

      Had this happened in England, people just had looked the other way, too afraid of reacting as they would have been accused of racism, in fact even the English police would have hesitated to react of the same reason.

      • Jim

        Never mind turns out he was white lol must of been abit tanned,so i take it back ,anyways he still deserves a kicking ,caught red handed ,from the uncut video you can see he is quickly pulling his pants up and her pants pulled abit down,throw him in jail more justice then he would get in this country,give them men ,rape i hear has the death penalty in china,guys who saved her should be given a medal

    2. Danny S

      Please don’t listen to Johan Klutz. Good English people don’t have this attitude towards ethnic minorities. The individual might be an ass, but racist language makes you pretty scummy yourself. Johan doesn’t represent English people, other than the EDL/BNP, who we all dislike, almost as much as sexual predators.

      • Milton

        Hey, Danny S, if you prefer rapists over racists, that’s your call. When you hide this animal scum under your flag, rather than making so all can see his true nature, you are saying that he is all the people of England.

        England, nation of animal rapists. English animals should be banned from decent countries.

        • TearyEnnui

          Wow. You just keep splashing around in the shallow of the gene pool and try not to bother the grown-ups.

    3. Mido

      Johan Klutz and Milton
      Muslim and Arab people are not as you said, we have religion, culture, customs and traditions which doesn’t allow us to do things which you are used to do in your country. This guy should be beaten up to death and no body will feel sorry for him.
      well i won’t reply your silly comments since it’s your opinions which i don’t respect and no one will. I do believe that English people don’t have this attitude towards us.

      • TearyEnnui

        Well said. Though the place for justice is in the courts via a fair trial, not on the streets.


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