To Serve People: Chen Guangcheng vs. The Global Times (Full Fury Unleashing In 3, 2, 1…)

A weekly column in which Chinese media is taken to the stocks.

By TAR Nation

I thought I would do a Chen-free column this week, but the Global Times didn’t let me.

On a political level, this is what happened last week at the American embassy:

You know, for an autocracy hell-bent on “harmony,” they don’t half talk like they want a smack in the mouth. After this week’s round of editorials, I feel disgusted, angry and generally ready to shove a pair of large dark sunglasses up someone’s ass.

The editorials on Chen this week, just from the Global Times, included:

“Grass-roots disputes not value-centered” (not in China anyway)

“Chen no longer real activist but unwitting tool” (or, “I am a morally bankrupt fuckwit”)

“US embassy in a quandary over Chen” (a Doctor Hu production)

“Chen and embassy should not delude themselves” (just… fuck your mom, Shan Renping)

So, before we begin: I think it is important for people to understand Chen Guangcheng back when. It’s really hard to get a feel for what happened before all of this embassy hullaballoo, so let’s take a quick look at the life of Chen:

He was a human rights activist famous for his work with women’s rights, poverty and forced abortions. In June 2005, he organized a suit which was rejected, but his findings were released to the foreign press and on the Internet. After being painted as working with “anti-China” forces (the free press), Chen was then imprisoned in his home with his family with the help of 300 officials and civilians charged with his detainment. He escaped to Beijing in September 2005 where Linyi officials caught him and threatened him with imprisonment if he didn’t stop his human rights nonsense. He refused and was returned to house arrest. Three well-respected lawyers came from Beijing to try to end his imprisonment. Two of them were beaten, all were “interrogated” and sent back. On October 24, 2005, Chen was beaten to prevent him from meeting with two Beijing scholars and was refused medical assistance. In March 2006, Chen was “disappeared” for three months. Lawyers, family, legal activists and friends were forcibly prohibited from leaving their homes to attend a press conference in his defense. Chen’s 70-year-old mother, 3-year-old son and older brother were forcibly removed from the home of another lawyer by 10 men. When Chen was finally allowed lawyers on June 21, 2006, they were intimidated by local officials. Three more lawyers were beaten for defending Chen’s village supporters. Chen’s lawyers then attempted to visit Chen’s wife and child but were subsequently beaten. One lawyer was sent a death threat stating that helping Chen was “seeking death.” Before he was tried on a trumped up charge of “damaging property and organizing a mob to disturb traffic,” his lawyer was detained on a charge of stealing someone’s wallet, his other lawyers were not allowed access to the courtroom, and finally, he was given a public defender just moments before the case began — someone who didn’t know what the hell was going on. This lawyer raised no objections and presented no evidence. The entire trial lasted two hours. In the end, Chen was sentenced to four years and three months of imprisonment. Basically, it was a trial that would shame Mugabe. This brings us to 2010. When he was released from prison, he was again placed under house arrest. When he tried to communicate with his wife and children, he was beaten (as was his wife), his documents were confiscated, his power was shut off and metal sheets were put over the windows in the house. Harassment of his family continued, including harassment of his 6-year-old daughter, who was prevented from attending school and whose toys were stolen by guards. In 2011, supporters, including European diplomats, tried to free him, but they were beaten and robbed. In December 2011, Christain Bale attempted to see Chen with a CNN crew. Bale was punched, shoved and had rocks thrown at him by dozens of guards.

That’s right. Fucking Batman.

That pretty much brings us up to the escape in late April.

The beatings were uncalled for, the intimidation was on a national scale and the madness of that trial was pathetic. If this happened to a bear/shark hybrid of pedophile, I would still complain about this sort of treatment. They did it to a blind, innocent human rights attorney. Let’s hear what some of these Global Times editorials had to say. Get ready for some blatant and conceited sarcasm.

Chinese petitioners are motivated by various incentives.

There’s tons of money in getting beaten senseless for seven years while your family ekes out a meager existence as hostages.

(Chen’s) self-judgment has been ruined by exaggerated media reports.

Yes, from all of those uncensored websites and newspapers the blind man was allowed to read in prison. It got him all uppity.

The conflicts are often the exaggeration of some specific problems.

How, exactly, would someone even be able to exaggerate what happened? Surely only Neil Gaiman can do that.

The West has put all the blame on Chinese authorities for the Chen Guangcheng issue.

Which is stupid because it’s obviously the fucking Eskimos.

The current standoff over Chen is complicated because it involves social order.

Of course. People may slip on all the blood.

The local government in Chen’s hometown has faced a great deal of pressure, and this incident has taught them to resolve problems according to the law and not to confront any criticism, even if there has been vicious cursing.

That was written by Shan Renping. I have some vicious cursing in mind; also, a claw hammer.

The embassy seems to be demonstrating the moral perfection and omnipotence of the US and depicting China as a morally failed country.

Give that man a coconut! And then beat him to death with that coconut, stick a pineapple in his ass and shove him in a blender for a nice piña colada of doom.

Through Chen’s case, Chinese people now see the radical nature of American public opinion.

Stupid anti-bludgeoning-blind-people lobby. It’s all controlled by the Jews.

But in the process, (Chen) gradually resorted to extreme and violent ways.

I have nothing cute to say about this one. I can only assume that the author, Yu Jincui, is actually mentally retarded, which, if he’s in Linyi, will hopefully lead to forced sterilization.

Reports of Western media on Chen are simple and monotonous, mostly centering on how he was beaten, imprisoned, and silenced.

Yeah, that’s boring. Tell me again how China is glorious and harmonious and everything that goes wrong is the fault of the “Western media.” Cause that never gets old.

Admittedly, today’s China has some loopholes in grass-roots governance.

PLA Rear-Admiral Obvious.

Some local governments and officials act based on local policies and practices rather than laws.

And no one notices for seven years.

If Chen had stuck to proper ways to help people safeguarding rights, this would have contributed to improving grass-roots governance and achieving social development.

Yeah, like in the courts (see above where his lawyers are beaten, threatened, intimidated and so forth).

When trying to attract the international spotlight by being violent against the government, Chen became a political pawn and was used as a tool to work against China’s political system by some Western forces.

A pawn? The blind guy who outwitted the Chinese government? He’s at least a bishop.

In the process, no matter it’s within his intention or not, Chen lost his own ability to speak.

He had much more ability to speak under house arrest with his communication devices confiscated and his electricity shut off.

Chen’s case originated from the grass-roots disputes in Linyi, Shandong Province and evolved into a more complex situation under the interference of Western media.

Definitely the Western media’s doing, them, along with Santa Clause and Lei Feng.

The West and its supporters in China always need a tool to work against China’s current political system. Those who become these tools have few choices of their own.

That’s right! The embassy put out cheese plate for him! He loves cheese plates. It is his only weakness — besides the whole blind thing.

(Chen) should also attribute the dramatic turning point in his life to the flexibility and resilience of Chinese society.

Yoooooouuuuuuu cunt.

Through all of this, I just can’t get certain images out of or in my head…

Someone actually had to say:

“Hey, you should punch that blind guy.”


Someone went up to a blind guy and punched him in the fucking face. I don’t know much about blind people, but, as I understand it, you don’t really have to punch them. They’re blind. They’re already, to a large degree, incapacitated.

I’ve been trying to imagine punching a blind guy all day. Can’t do it. Just can’t.

So, somehow, these editorials are trying to paint Chen and the US as the bad guys, rather than the people who had no scruples in punching the visually impaired. I bet there were goons just randomly throwing shit at Chen, too. I have no proof of this, but, I mean, they’re definitely the type.

These editorials were also accompanied by the same old assertion that the US is trying to bring down the Chinese government via public relations, using statements that border on racism.

In short, I’ve been staring, researching and spitting blood at my computer for hours over this Chen deal. Someone needs to take all of this rage, and much like my good comrade RFH, I find myself disgusted with one place in particular. So:

Fuck Linyi. The whole goddamned place. 10,039,400 human lives. Fuck them. They can all rot. Fuck the people, the streets, the open spaces and parks, the birds that sing on telephone lines, the dogs that shit in the streets, the cats that screw in the trees and the cattle of the goddamned field. Fuck everyone who does business there and fuck the whole goddamned lot of the bastards at the editorial desk in the Global Times.

Ah, that’s better.

Maybe the US does want to use Chen as leverage. Good. I like that kind of leverage. I like the leverage of the fleeing oppressed. It’s only leverage if the US has a point. And they do. People fleeing persecution tend to be rather nice and polite, which is a rarity in a country that runs daily editorials insulting half the planet on matters of simple human dignity. Chen is an inspiration to many. That’s the reason the US wants him and why people like me will never shut up about it. It’s because my life gets a little more shit every time a guy like this dies in prison or gets “disappeared.”

There was also a big fuss made over how the US embassy could not possibly handle the influx of dissidents if they were to make this a regular occurrence, having a good laugh at how much trouble that would be for the US.

Ummmm… is that something you should really be bragging about? That there are so many people wrongfully imprisoned, held hostage, afraid, in danger and generally just want to fuck off that the US would be inundated? That’s something they should have probably thought through a little more before putting it into print. The politburo’s hatred of “Western-style” democracy has been well documented, and their inane daily ramblings have even garnered some important support.

I mean, look at this knob-head:

This is Eric X. Li.

I don’t like him. I disagree with just about every holier-than-thou, anti-democracy, super-rich, snobby, bullshit word that dribbles from his silver-spoon-fed, social-Darwinism-loving girl chin. He published an article in the New York Times about how shit the whole of Western democracy is and how China’s authoritarian dictatorship is actually a brilliant business plan that the West is too stupid and racist to understand.

If, god forbid, he were to get on the government’s bad side for some reason, I think I know what embassy he’d run to, and Eric my boy, the US would be happy to have you, you greedy, pompous, Stanford-educated little tit.

So, in summation, don’t punch blind lawyers or hold their families hostage. Not because it makes you look bad, but because it’s a dimwitted and malicious thing to do. And, when you catch someone doing this, you punish them and save the poor bastard being imprisoned. Also, when someone considers you a safe harbor in stormy seas, you don’t chuck them back in the water, even with arm-floaties. I’m looking at you, American embassy.

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    22 Responses to “To Serve People: Chen Guangcheng vs. The Global Times (Full Fury Unleashing In 3, 2, 1…)”

    1. Lol

      Wow was the racism necessary? Yes, condemn every single person in an entire fucking country because of bs spouted by a tabloid. You know what? Fuck every American woman, child, anti-china Christian activist group, dissident, etc. because we live in a country that happens to have Fox “News” tabloids. THAT is what you just said. I agree with this shameful and poirly thought out actions by China, but just fuck you, man. Seriously.

      • Jeb

        Really? “because of bs spouted by a tabloid”

        I think you totally missed the point, buddy.

        He doesn’t want to fuck the entire Asian race or even the whole country of China, just the population of Linyi (and the people at The Global Times).

        I’m pretty sure Linyiese isn’t a race so this doesn’t call for such hissy-fitting about racism.

        Grow up, read more, have a laugh and if all else fails, spend your days here: instead of reading cream. Duh.

        • Kong

          “10,039,400 human lives. Fuck them. They can all rot.”
          I don’t really see the difference. An insignificant percentage of those “10,039,400 human lives” had anything to do with this. What’s the difference in involving the innocents of a small place or a larger place? The author has used petty excuse to go off on a whole population. Rants do not beg such entitled BS.

          There is one race: the human race. Most everything under the umbrella of “racism” refers to traits that a person did not choose. This includes discriminating against 10,039,400 due to their place of birth, which HAPPENS to house the Fox News of China.

          Being mad does not justify spouting racist BS. It is clear who needs to do some growing up.

          • A

            Um, I think you missed the point, mate. It was a joke. He said, “Ah, that’s better” at the end. It was just a vent, as any reasonable person could see. Obviously, hardly anyone in Linyi had anything to do with it. It’s a joke. You know, like how chickens cross the road and so forth. It’s like saying “Fuck Canada”. I don’t even understand the Fox News comment. I swear, I get so sick of everyone calling everyone else a racist. It’s emotive bullying. Nothing was said to say that anyone of any race was different or special or mean or better at basketball or anything. Chill the fuck out. If it pisses you off, then it pisses you off. Don’t just be outright mean without a sense of humor about you.

            Love the rant. Keep ‘em comin.

            • Kong

              Because it was venting, that makes the outlandish remarks okay? Yes, the rant has touches of sardonicism, but it was hardly a joke. The author is not parodying people who rant, or making light of the situation (clearly the author find the situation to be very grave indeed). The author is quite clearly and hyperbolically using anger to justify retarded generalizations.

              You’re inability to understand how China’s The Global Times can be compared to the US’s Fox News is understandable considering the vacuousness of your reply. Thinking hurts, doesn’t it?*

              It is fully possible to be both funny AND critical AND angry without relying on some crutch like throwing that ball sack of hate in a whole city’s mouth. But oh, you don’t like my opinion of this “article”? My God, you mean YOU DISAGREE WITH SOMEONE ON THE INTERNET?! Fuck, dude, you should get right on that.

              The irony is almost suffocating.

              *I take this back. It is totally possible that you could be 1) not an American or 2) someone who religiously watches Fox News. Either way, it is totally possible that you have no idea that Fox News is an independent right-wing propaganda outlet with little regard to facts, popular opinion, or ethics.

    2. mpr

      Fun stuff. Keep in mind that Chen’s persecution was orchestrated by the politico-legal affairs committee, not just Linyi. the PLAC reaches down into Linyi, but this was run from the top. And the agency that made sure Chen didn’t get a feed during his first night in hospital is the same agency that ran his persecution. conclusion: it’s not a Linyi & Shandong thing, it’s a Party & Zhou Yongkang thing.

    3. Eric Rooney

      Personally, I’d rather be punched than shot, which is the threat in many other countries.

    4. Roger

      I love a good F bomb as much as the next guy, but it sure does lose it’s punch, huh?

      The Chinese media apparatus really has no idea what to do. Chickens with their heads cut off. It’s really jaw dropping stuff. CGC was an exploitative water tycoon? Seriously? These guys sure seem like idiots sometimes. Can you imagine what the Op-Ed meetings are like at the Global Times? Yikes.

    5. whatsis

      I remember reading that article by Eric X. Li in the NYT. My jaw is still bruised from where it hit the floor. I’m still shocked the paper saw that as something fit to publish.

    6. vlee

      I’m interested in knowing how many average Joe Chinese people are aware of the truth about this case. But I guess the average Chinese person wouldn’t know any bit of truth and is a victim of the media tool. Some Chinese people know this stuff, right?

      • King Baeksu

        What most seem to think is that America butt-raped China’s “sovereignty” yet again, and needs to apologize to the Great Han Tribe pronto.

        Neat trick, eh?

    7. samuel welsh

      however the smart chinnese who tell the government of china to screw itself and push for human rights as well as the food,language and festivals are all good.


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