The Dramatic Rescue Of A Kid Dangling From A Fourth-Story Balcony [UPDATE]

See update, 6/12.

A small child in Guangdong province slipped out into his family’s fourth-story balcony on Sunday morning, then slipped through a crack. Luckily, the crack was just narrow enough to catch his her head — that is, in the above video, she’s not really holding on with hisher hands… she’s dangling from his her noggin. Residents who heard the boy’s girl’s cries called emergency personnel, but while waiting, some opened up a big bedsheet underneath to catch him her should she fall, while a man (identified simply as “yellow-shirted man”) climbed out from his third-story window and tried to push the child up. Dramatic, all.

The incident is being used as a cautionary tale by news media here for parents to pay more attention to their children. Um… like, yeah. Though I’m not sure what more can be said in this case than, “Don’t let the lil’ one crawl out onto that balcony with those cracks he can fall through.” Longer Sina video after the jump. UPDATE, 3:04 pm: Can’t stop Sina‘s auto-play, so you’re getting Youku’s embed instead. Here’s the raw video though.

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