Watch: Hu Jintao Heckler Forcibly Removed From Premises

Chinese president Hu Jintao was in Hong Kong over the weekend as part of the 15th-year anniversary celebration of Hong Kong’s handover from the UK. Yesterday, he dropped by the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center to swear in the somewhat unpopular Leung Chun-ying as new chief executive, but before he could, a demonstrator tried to interrupt his speech with pro-democracy slogans such as, “Vindicate June 4 [referring to those killed near Tiananmen in 1989]” and “End one-party dictatorship, establish a democratic China.” Hu, we imagine, didn’t even blink — because he never does, since he is a robot.

Meanwhile, we’re told “tens of thousands” of Hong Kongers paraded from Victoria Park to city government offices in Admiralty yesterday, as if the CCP cared. Of course, protestors are no longer doing it with any expectation for change (what change could come, exactly?). It’s a spectacle, dating back to 2003, and it’ll be forgotten as soon as the media stops writing about it — which should be, oh, in three days, give or take. Apologies for the reality check.

The above clip is from NOW TV (subtitles by Alicia). I would’ve tried to put it on a Chinese video host, but I know there’s no chance in hell it’ll survive even the laziest censors.

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