Child Abuse At Another Kindergarten: Teacher Slaps Three Children, Including A 5-Year-Old 70 Times

The sickening footage of child abuse in a Guangzhou kindergarten earlier this month has itself a sequel.

On October 15, a teacher at Blue Sky Mentesuoli Kindergarten, an unlicensed school in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, lost her temper and struck three children, as caught on tape (above, and after the jump on for those in China). One five-year-old girl was reportedly slapped 70 times.

After parents lodged a complaint, the school was shut down last week. The 43 students have been sent to nearby preschools, according to China Daily.

The paper notes that the girl who suffered the worst abuse was “being punished for failing to calculate 10 plus 1.”

The physical attack caused injuries to the girl’s eyes, the father of the 5-year-old, surnamed han, told [the news show on Shanxi Science and Education Television Station] Metro 110.

“The teacher slapped my child in the face and kicked her twice in the bottom,” Han said, adding that he had seen similar footage dating back to September.

One wonders why he didn’t do anything about it in September. Abusive teachers aren’t generally known to magically learn how to teach children without intervention.

The preschool’s owner, Li Chunhua, texted China Daily that the five-year-old’s father has demanded 500,000 yuan in compensation.

The teacher has been detained by police, according to Xinhua.

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      Oh hell no. This needs some Biblical “eye for an eye” type of response. I’ll volunteer as a bully to show this bitch how it feels to get pounded and not be able to do anything about it. You got my info, let me know if i’m needed.


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