A Reminder That The People’s Republic Of China’s Car Of Choice Is The Audi, Black

Back in September, Alicia snapped a picture of about 100 Audis, black, parked next to Tiananmen Square, a reminder to everyone that Ferrari may be the new kid on the block, but the Audi remains king. It remains so.

The pictures above were taken outside the Great Hall of the People by China correspondents Tom Lasseter and Mark McKinnon on this, the final day of the 18th National Congress. Full-size pics after the jump, assuming you have your VPN on.

And did you know that albinism is an inherited condition that affects one out of every 20,000 people in the United States and Europe?


    2 Responses to “A Reminder That The People’s Republic Of China’s Car Of Choice Is The Audi, Black”

    1. King Tubby

      And 1 in every 100,000 in any population is a transgenderist.

      Look up the stats General. I not writing thru my hat here.
      Also 3 to 5 % are gay and probably 10% have had same sex experiences..

      And the mind boggles when I think of the % of anal retentive Party officials.

    2. California Kid

      The CPC is nothing but a bunch of robots all programmed the same way. That’s why they all drive the same exact cars; do the same exact things; vote the same way; etc. Obviously, they can’t think for themselves or are too afraid to stand out in the crowd. The CPC is a joke! — Makes me feel sorry for the country of China.


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