Even Hideous People, Like This Government Official, Can Have Leaked Sex Tapes [UPDATE]

UDPATE, 11/26, 2:20 am: Lei was set up. The video was taken by 18-year-old Zhao Hongxia, the unfortunate lady in this sex tape, in February 2007 . She was hired by the boss of a construction company whose bribes to Lei failed to win him a coveted contract. Here’s more info, including pictures of Zhao and Lei’s other mistress. Also, Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun were involved, because in Chongqing, of course they would be.

Pictured here is Lei Zhengfu, party boss of Beibei District in Chongqing. If you’re interested in seeing him without his shirt, on top of an 18-year-old girl, then wiping himself, do proceed.

Via Ministry of Tofu:

Chinese netizens, too disgusted with the official, nicknamed him ‘Edison Lei’ after Edison Chen, a Hong Kong celebrity whose public image was tainted by hundreds of explicit sex photos with multiple actresses leaked online in 2008.

Ji Xuguang, a investigative journalist who reported the six sex slaves kept in dungeon by a civil servant last year, announced on Sina Weibo that he has much more evidence, including the original sex tape, against the official. Because “the original video was too explicit”, it had to be edited before its screen captures were posted on Weibo.

Lei Zhengfu has reportedly been “relieved of responsibilities.” Too bad the following still exists. It’s NSFE — not safe for eyes.

Can whoever has it just hurry up and release the Emma Stone sex tape already? Enema for poor Ji Xuguang’s mind, it’ll be.

UPDATE, 9:17 pm: Xinhua:

A district official in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality was sacked on Friday after he was confirmed as the man featured in a sex video exposed by microbloggers and widely circulated on the Internet.

Investigations conducted by the Chongqing Municipal Committee for Discipline Inspection have verified that Lei Zhengfu, secretary of the Beibei District Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), is the man featured in a sex video circulated on the Internet.

Chongqing Municipal Committee of the CPC decided on Friday to remove Lei from the post as secretary of the Beibei District Committee of the CPC and to initiate an investigation into Lei’s case.

    15 Responses to “Even Hideous People, Like This Government Official, Can Have Leaked Sex Tapes [UPDATE]”

    1. Devenish

      Oddly, he seems more disgusted than her. I see China has yet to develop a “zuffle”* culture among it’s officials: the paper towel-off at the end is a particularly grim touch.

      (*Zuffle = to wipe one’s cock on a posh bird’s chintz curtains after sex)

        • Devenish

          It’s still possible to do a second-rate zuffle off a regular pair of curtains, such as those found at, for example, a Hanting Inn or Motel Six. A smooth wipe-off while standing beats scrambling for the Charmin straight after shooting.

          It’s also mildly less rude, and can be done while she is in a steaming-hot shower, scrubbing every inch of her skin for evidence of the shameful act of congress she just submitted herself to.

          I’m rather hoping the woman doesn’t get identified, assuming she’s not also a blackmailer or another Guo Meimei. Very hard to live this down.

          This story is getting more updates regarding corruption etc, which BJC has yet to mention

      • Das

        Not bad mr devenish considering you hold the name “Devenish” linked to vice and all things sinister and sexual for over a hundred years in Australia.

    2. Boooooooooya

      So this video was a deliberate set-up, right? Because otherwise… either he filmed himself having sex and made sure the camera stayed squarely on his less-than-entirely-pleasant form, or she wanted a memento of the time she had sex with a really hideous dude.


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