Meanwhile, CPC National Congress Delegates Arrive In Beijing…

"Please make sure Madam Whiplash gets these pronto."

Here’s Xinhua’s special slideshow of delegates of the 18th CPC National Congress arriving in Beijing. These are the good folks for whom cops shut multiple lanes of traffic from the airport to Tiananmen.

Captioned with RFH.

"When can I take these fucking beads off?"

"I'm just going to stand here for 20 minutes. Everyone cool with that?"

"Quick, first one through customs gets shotgun."

"Do you think Hu Jintao will recognize me this year? I'm Rick James, bitch!"

"Psst, write this down: There's a dead Tibetan on the plane."

"Last time I came to Beijing, I was arrested for being a petitioner."

"That man in the cowboy hat just touched me."