Naked Snake Lady Ups Ante By Whipping Out Crocodile

The same young lady who made news on Thursday at the Guiyang Auto Show for playing, while half-nude, with a snake is at it again. Here she is doing a gig for a different company at the same show. More pictures via Car News China, which explains:

Turns out she isn’t very faithful, here she is with a crocodile! She is changing employers too, she was with Chang’an with the snake, now she is with Brilliance, heating up a croc on the hood of a Jinbei S30 mini SUV. An interesting lady this is…

Few more images after the jump.

    6 Responses to “Naked Snake Lady Ups Ante By Whipping Out Crocodile”

      • Gay Chevara

        Definitely a geezer. I think this is what is known as the long-troll. They ply us with pics of the ‘outrageous’ snake/croc “girl” then hit us with the fact that she is actually a bloke.

    1. LilRose

      I wish the snake and croc were large enough to “swallow”these people. I hate how that words been perverted. Just sickening. That and those cheap hookers are men in disguise. Look at the pics closely my friends. Also poor klaptrap! His jaws are taped shut. I’m sure if they weren’t….


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