Chengdu Woman Gives Birth On Bus No. 666 On 12-12-12, Is Ridiculously Bad-Ass

In the above video posted on Friday, a woman gives birth as you’ve never seen it before (assuming you’ve witnessed childbirth). At the three-and-a-half-minute mark, with her three-year-old son sitting next to her and staring, the woman on the lower-right part of the screen pulls a newborn baby out of her dress, and… what did the hell did we just watch???

Via Go Chengdoo:

The woman, 39-year-old Wang Liying, was on the 666 bus on her way to the hospital for a checkup when her stomach suddenly began hurting, she told a reporter afterward. It was 8 o’clock Wednesday morning, and she wasn’t expecting the baby to appear for another five days at least. But so it did, and as the other passengers realized what was happening, they notified the bus driver, came over to assist the woman, and unanimously decided that the bus driver should head toward the hospital, according to the Chengdu Commercial Daily.

You might be inclined to criticize nearby passengers for not helping the woman (maybe she didn’t want help?), but let’s not get sidetracked from the main story here: Wang Liying gave birth, without assistance, while sitting on a moving bus. Let’s full-stop this sentence.

The bus driver, by the way, did all he could. Go Chengdoo again:

In an interview the next day with the bus driver, You Zhixu, 41, he said that because it was rush hour, he put on his emergency lights and stepped on the gas. The average speed of a city bus is 30 kmph, but he said he went up to 60, ran through two red lights, and passed every bus stop without stopping, much to the confusion of waiting passengers, who waved at him to stop. He added that at the time he felt more nervous than when his own wife was giving birth.

Eventually he spotted an ambulance and flagged it down. The medical staff came on board to take the mother and her two children to the hospital.

A ridiculous tale, one that’s much better than NOVA’s “The Miracle of Life.”

The below Youku video comes via Shanghaiist; you can see people springing to action to help the woman after the baby is born.

    3 Responses to “Chengdu Woman Gives Birth On Bus No. 666 On 12-12-12, Is Ridiculously Bad-Ass”

    1. California Kid

      It appears that the numbers “666″ aren’t entirely evil or bad after all. All the numbers were in that mother’s favor — 12/12/12 and 666. Do the new math: 666 divided by 12/12/12 = 2, the number of children she has. She sure did make it look easy giving birth to that baby while sitting on a moving bus. She should star in and produce some self-birthing videos and sell them to women all over the world who want to save money on hospitalization.


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