Sex Scandals Are Dropping Out Of The Sky: Xinjiang, Chongqing Official Exposed

Qi Fang, police chief of Wusu, Xinjiang province, is the latest official to find himself embroiled in a sex scandal. He is accused of having an affair with two sisters from a cultural troupe, and using public funds to rent a luxury flat to meet them. The elder of the sisters was promoted to vice-captain of the special police force in June, following earlier promotions that — we’re sure — have nothing to do with her relationship with Qi.

SCMP reports:

According to the original article posted on Xinjiang’s popular online forum , Qi hired the 31-year-old elder sister as a police officer five months after he became the police chief. She was promoted twice in March and June to vice-captain of the special police force, said the report.

The article explains that the sisters are minorities, and that “some people believe minorities have a better chance of getting promotions in China.” Like so, a half-week’s worth of news comes full circle: the Uyghur-Han relationship has been under the microscope thanks to a recent scuffle — and controversial compensation payout — in Hunan province involving the famous “qiegao scam.”

But back to sex. Yesterday, out of Chongqing — via SCMP again:

Authorities in the municipality’s Peiling district issued a brief statement on their official microblog account yesterday morning saying an investigation would be conducted into Wu Hong, who works for the district’s Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau, after pictures appeared online on Sunday showing him with a half-naked young woman in a hotel room.

…In the latest pictures, Wu is seen wearing his official uniform. Authorities announced the investigation two days after the anonymous post on popular web portal and the party’s disciplinary inspection authorities confirming the man was Wu.

This picture, from @乐花飞 (via Weiboscope):

Do note that we are less than two weeks removed from the mother of these sex scandals, featuring Lei Zhengfu.

Plucking these stories off the Internet is indeed going after low-hanging fruit, as Josh Chin points out. But expect a lot more to drop on our heads. China — the world, actually — has produced a generation of older, relatively incompetent, certainly Internet clumsy officials who probably can’t even send an email. These are the folks whose private indiscretions are publicized in the very real realm of the virtual world. Rest assured that more of these people will be ensnared in this wonderful world of the Internet. We eagerly await the next.

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      Creative sisters, nice. Saucy. But you should see the unreleased footage from the Lushan Conference floating around out there—I found a bootlegged copy in Zhongguancun. Let’s just say that you’ll never look at Kang Sheng the same way again.


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