Father Of Murdered Daughter Upset With Court Ruling Runs Down 23 Middle School Students

On Monday, a father upset over a court’s decision to not give the death sentence to four men who murdered his daughter took his anger out on middle school students on lunch break.

Yin Tiejun, 48, drove a car laden with firecrackers into Fengning No. 1 Middle School in Fengning, Hebei province around noon. Xinhua has the story:

Police said Yin lit a bottle of diesel, trying to burn down the car after hitting the students.

Police officers, who put out the fire, found a gas tank and firecrackers in the trunk of the car. However, Yin said during interrogation that these were not for an attack.

Police cleared Yin of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They said he was upset with a court ruling that did not sentence all his daughter’s murderers to death.

Yin was detained on charges of endangering public safety on Tuesday.

Ten students were hospitalized, including one with a fractured skull. Thirteen students suffered minor injuries.

Associated Press adds these details:

The local Fengning county government confirmed the incident in a written statement and said Yin was driving a Geely sedan.

Citing eyewitnesses, the Beijing-based state-run Jinghua Times said the accident occurred when students were leaving school for noon break and that the car accelerated and knocked down students, many of whom were on bikes.

Yet again, we are reminded that violence can occur anywhere — schools not excluded.

Chinese man hits students with car, 13 hospitalized (Xinhua)
Chinese man drives car into students, injuring 13 (AP)

    One Response to “Father Of Murdered Daughter Upset With Court Ruling Runs Down 23 Middle School Students”

    1. terroir

      So what were the firecrackers for? Post celebration?

      So glad the cops cleared him of drinking under the influence. Hate to see this guy make a bad name for honest drunk drivers.


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