Baidu Autofill Reinforces Stereotype That Americans Love Sluts

Surely you’re aware of the Google autofill / autocomplete meme? For instance, someone types the words “i accidentally” into a Google search bar as part of a longer phrase, but Google presumes you’re too lazy to finish your five-word sentence, so it helpfully offers a pulldown list of possible searches such as “i accidentally the whole bottle” and “i accidentally slept with my mom,” etc.

It turns out Baidu has this feature as well. And if you tried to type “American consulate,” this is what happens:

Baidu American consulate search 1

That’s all very normal and not newsworthy.

Baidu American consulate search 4

Whoa, that escalated fast.

If you honed your search a bit by adding one more letter, Baidu quickly pinpoints the exact thought in your head, in essence unzipping your pants for you:

Baidu American consulate search 3

I went ahead and pressed enter after letting autofill complete my search query. American Cocksucking Sluts is apparently an adult film released in 2011 starring Brooklyn Lee, Juelz Ventura, and Gracie Glam. It received a 7.4/10 rating on IMDB, out of eight votes. The other links on the first page were disappointing. Let’s just say there was nothing with which we could add to our list. Damn you, Baidu! Your search filter wins again.

(H/T @uuao)

    5 Responses to “Baidu Autofill Reinforces Stereotype That Americans Love Sluts”

    1. Big Pile O' Fragrant Roses

      Doesn’t it just mean that users of Baidu have searched for this term often? Guess not only Japanese stuff is popular.

    2. Markoff

      well, American is quite OK compared to “japanese” :-) although surprisingly rest of neighbors in english (korean or russian) are OK


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