Foreigner Goes Streaking In Beijing Airport

Foreigner streaks in Beijing airport

A possibly mentally unstable foreign man took off all his clothes and streaked through Beijing Capital International Airport’s Terminal 3 yesterday afternoon, chased after by two shouting policemen.

That last detail is provided by Legal Mirror, but the man doesn’t appear to be running or chased in the above picture posted to Sina Weibo. Although if a picture exists, it means there has to be a video, right?

Eventually the man was corralled and covered up with a blanket. Authorities say he was schizophrenic, so they sent him to the hospital. The man might have come unhinged by an argument on the airport shuttle train, when he refused to let a Chinese passenger sit in an open seat next to him.

And with this, we introduce a new tag: streaking.

Also, if you’re type to follow where curiosity may lead, try a Chinese image search for “Beijing Airport Naked” on Baidu. Wacky results.

Man runs naked through Beijing Airport (SCMP)

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    1. Chackie Jan

      “The man had allegedly occupied two seats on an airport shuttle train.”
      Wrong. His imaginary friend whispering mad shit in his ear occupied the other seat.


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