A Woman Named Sara Jane Will Teach You Royal British Etiquette For The Low Price Of 10,000 Pounds

Sara Jane Ho

A Hong Kong-born, British- and Harvard-educated woman, Sara Jane Ho, is opening a school of etiquette, the Institute Sarita, in the Park Hyatt Beijing. Price? Only £2,000 to £10,000 (about $3,140 to $15,700).

Would you pay this much for, according to Daily Mail, “lectures on how to use a knife and fork properly, how to peel a piece of fruit, how to greet a prospective mother-in-law, how to walk in heels and how to eat soup without slurping”? Apparently, dozens of society wives have, and it’s not just them: even bosses of state-owned companies, too.

A subtle pro-British snobbery is driving the desire of wealthy Chinese to improve themselves socially. ‘There is an aura of mystery about European royalty that Chinese people can’t resist. Any aristocracy in China was wiped out, so the Chinese are fascinated by the idea of a royal dynasty that stretches back hundreds of years,” [Sara Jane said].

I’m not sure how to justify the price of this course. One summer – I think I was about 8 or 9 at the time – my parents sent me to a manner course, where all my classmates were under the age of 16. I can’t remember exactly what we learned, except there was a cutlery lesson. It officially ended with a fashion show at a country club where all of us were asked to walk down a runway and model children’s clothing, all bought by our parents. I think I had a sailor outfit and a swimsuit.

But, I guess, being in a country of 1.3 billion, it’s important to do something to differentiate yourself. Some may choose to buy fancy cars, others go for property. Others still cultivate their inner snobs. A runcible spoon for you, Miss Ho(visham)?

    8 Responses to “A Woman Named Sara Jane Will Teach You Royal British Etiquette For The Low Price Of 10,000 Pounds”

    1. SeaHorse

      This isn’t really a ‘new’ thing. They’ve been doing this ever since Chinese people were allowed to hold positions of power in Hong Kong. Except for much cheaper. Me thinks her students just want to spend time with a Harvard graduate with a British accent and well off family. Also you can convince rich Chinese people to pay for anything if you have basic marketing skills.

    2. Chackie Jan

      Before you attempt to handle cutlery properly daily it might be best to start with holding doors and not spitting in the street.

    3. ross

      But they won’t want an Asian and its very bad manners to tilt a plate or saucer forwards, it means “give me more”.


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