Why Yes, In China, There Is A Corporate Training Industry To Teach Working Girls How To Snare You Using Social Apps

Those who use Momo and, to a lesser extent (but not much lesser), WeChat probably already know this, but social Apps are great for finding new and — how shall we say — temporary friends. However, if you are cruising around in the great murky sea trawling for bottles or booty, you open yourself up to getting hooked, too. Really open yourself up, actually, because you’re going up against professionals.

As if you needed confirmation that prostitutes are on social Apps to lure clients, please turn your attention to the above video, found by The Nanfang, in which working girls sit in on a lecture on this very subject.

“Everybody wants to get more clients, get more tips,” says the bespectacled lecturer, her curly hair tied into a ponytail to make her the spitting of every matronly “teacher” you’ve seen in pornos. “You can find the answer through our marketing method. Today, I want to tell everybody the reality…”

It turns into a pep talk about the ease with which girls can break the profit ceiling by using Momo, WeChat and Weibo. (We wish Jim Boyce’s Momo party had been like this.) “Really, it’s all very easy!” says the lecturer. She turns toward a TV screen that shows a woman’s profile and proceeds to assess it. A couple of women in the class begin whispering and giggling, but mostly everyone pays close attention.

Men out there: you have no chance.

Watch: Prostitutes in China get a lesson in using Momo, WeChat to lure clients (The Nanfang)

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