Young Girl Thinks Strangulation Brings Pleasure, Accidentally Kills Her Best Friend


A girl in her early 20s in Jiangxi province was surfing the web on her phone last September when she stumbled upon a website containing this kernel of titillating, dangerous insight: “Rope strangulation can yield pleasure.” As Changjiang Network reports, the girl, called Lin, approached her longtime best friend, one year younger, with the idea. Both very bored, they decided to try it.

They located a strap from a skirt. They lied down in bed, facing each other, and turned off the light. Lin slowly twisted the strap around the neck of her friend, Li. As it wound tighter and tighter, Li showed no change. Lin twisted tigther.

A few minutes later, Li began yelling, waving her hands, and struggling. “Save me!” she gasped.

Shocked, Lin released the strap, but didn’t help her friend take it off. “I thought she had found her pleasure,” Lin said was her first reaction.

After Li passed out, Lin began to panic. Her childhood friend died before her eyes.

Fearing she’d be held responsible, Lin picked up a knife and slit her wrists — but not deep enough, apparently. She woke the next morning, after the blood clotted, and came to fully comprehend all that had happened. She dialed for help.

Ningbo’s Intermediate People’s Court convicted Lin of manslaughter yesterday, but handed down a reduced sentence. Owing to the fact that she turned herself in and her family promptly compensated Li’s family and even extracted from them a bit of understanding, Lin will only be spending the next seven years in jail.

A journalist interviewed a doctor about whether strangulation can cause pleasure. “Complete nonsense,” the doctor said.

Up to 1,000 people reportedly die of autoerotic asphyxiation every year in the US.

(H/T Valentina Luo) (Image via Deviant Art)

    8 Responses to “Young Girl Thinks Strangulation Brings Pleasure, Accidentally Kills Her Best Friend”

    1. wafflestomp

      Had she and her friends been educated on sex in general as well as fetishes like this. this could of been avoided. OH MY GOD I USED THE S WORD.

    2. narsfweasels

      “Lin will only be spending the next seven years in jail”

      While Gu Kailai gets a two year suspended sentence for PREMEDITATED MURDER.

      Because that makes perfect judicial sense.

      • RhZ

        China Justice, baby! But don’t forget Bo-Gu Kailai was probably tortured. So there is that.

        If she really gets out in two years, I wonder if they will let her leave the country. She will be on the first plan they let her board, without a doubt.


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