A Different Type Of Elevator Kills Another Man In China

Another elevator accident in China, but this one involving a lift of a different variety.

A 23-year-old waiter was crushed to death by a “food elevator” in a Suzhou restaurant on Saturday, reports Shanghai Daily.

The food elevator smashed his head as he poked his head into the shaft to check. He was jammed in the gap and people around him called the police immediately. The waiter was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

A broken cable was the cause. If you think this restaurant was one to have a maintenance company do periodic quality checks, you’d be wrong.

Xing Dongsheng, an official with the Suzhou Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, said the food elevator was installed by the restaurant owner and had never been examined or serviced.

The victim, Zhang Zhe, had only been working at the establishment for four or five days. His colleagues remember him as a frugal young man who was saving money to build a home for his parents back home.

We are reminded, against our wishes, of the video of a woman being beheaded by an elevator in Shenzhen.

Way back when, we said this about China’s escalators, but it’s a phrase we’ll rehash now for this country’s elevators: stop it.

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