“I Come From An Influential Family,” Says Honda Driver Who Nicks 10-Year-Old Girl, Inciting Near-Riot

In Jiyuan, Henan province on Friday, a 26-year-old woman bumped into a 10-year-old girl, which in itself shouldn’t have caused a near-riot if not for the words that came out of the driver’s mouth…

“I come from an influential family.”

Reports SCMP:

When the side rearview mirror of a black Honda bumped a 10-year-old girl on her way home from school, the driver – instead of helping the child – insulted and hit the mother. “I come from an influential family,” the driver said.

The crowd that formed around the woman’s car — threatening to turn it over, and burn it (both of which happened) — was reportedly not pacified until midnight.

The driver has been identified as Bi Jiao. Police rushed to post details about the case online, claiming Bi was not — repeat, not – the daughter of any government official. They want nothing to do with her. The cops went so far as to arrest the person who sold Bi Jiao the fake license plate she was apparently using.

So. Was Ms. Bi trying to intimidate a 10-year-old by calling herself influential? Was the child’s mother trying to extort money from her? We don’t know.

But here’s what is undeniable. If you’re so dense as to not realize I come from an influential family is the spitting image of “My dad is Li Gang” — and, in a less notorious but no worse example, “My family runs the Public Security Bureau” — and precisely the line you should not say after bumping a child with your car, you deserve to be besieged by a repressed mob.

No one appears to be hurt, thankfully, though the 10-year-old girl who was hit was sent to the hospital. The person who set Bi Jiao’s car on fire has been detained and charged.

Pictured: Henan residents on rampage over Honda driver’s sense of entitlement (SCMP)

    4 Responses to ““I Come From An Influential Family,” Says Honda Driver Who Nicks 10-Year-Old Girl, Inciting Near-Riot”

      • Fred

        Of course it doesn’t. Despite the end results being thrown up pretty much everywhere, this is par for the course once it hits english news. Focus on the problem, never on the actual outcome… A story about how a problem was resolved in a way that makes sense doesn’t get eyeballs as much as pushing an agenda of “everything in china is wrong and nothing gets done”

    1. Warren Lee

      Poor Honda, wrong place wrong driver. Seems a lot of these incidents going on in China. A friend showed me Porsche owner flex his whatever on a taxi driver, he got the same treatment when a mob of other cabbies tried to turn the Cayman over.

      Come on people, really? Only some people are able to live up to the saying, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” Bad timing dude.


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