Video Of Woman Cut In Half By Elevator Is Harrowing

On May 15, a 24-year-old nurse surnamed Wang was cut in half by an elevator after she found herself pinched between its closing doors.

That sentence is horrific enough, but what about more details?

The victim, a nurse surnamed Wang, was trapped in the elevator in Changhong Tower in Shenzhen’s Luohu district, when it stopped due to failure. Since the door was open the woman attempted to exit, but the elevator started moving again. The elevator fell at least three stories, killing Wang.

Those details are definitely sufficiently horrific, but what about the video?

Watch above. The newscaster says the woman was playing with her cell phone when she got caught between the doors. There were 14 others in the elevator.

The more graphic parts are censored, but you see enough to be able to imagine being inside the elevator when it happens. The gore, the…

Never mind.

Between May 14 and 16, four people died in separate elevator/escaltor accidents in China. Just the day before this Shenzhen incident, an elderly woman was crushed to death when an escalator abruptly broke in a Wal-Mart in Hubei province.

The journalist in the above newscast discovered that the company in charge of the Shenzhen building’s maintenance, Weida Elevator Shenzhen Ltd, had completed an inspection just a few days before, on May 12. One of the building managers went on camera to say that the inspection did not turn up any problems.

So what happened?

Further inquiry at Weida was met with “no comment.”

“The brands of the elevator involved in the two accidents were not mentioned in Chinese media report,” Sina noted in an article last week.

Full newscast:

    30 Responses to “Video Of Woman Cut In Half By Elevator Is Harrowing”

      • China-Loves-Money

        Can’t wait until they start blaming other countries again, instead of their own stupidity.

    1. Liv

      Simply tragic. This has really affected me. My sincerest wishes to the family of this poor young girl. Someone should be held responsible for this

      • binro

        How about the person who was messing with her cellphone, instead of paying attention to her surroundings?

      • CrazzzyCannnuk

        How can someone be responsible for this? it was an elevator failure, no one could of predicted it. If it was anyone’s fault it was her own for not paying attention. She shouldn’t of even tried to get out.

        • iddles

          Of course someone is responsible. When did you last hear about elevators killing people in Japan, UK, Switzerland, Canada or any other country that values health and safety?

          • bobUSA

            Do you realize that freak accidents happen everywhere in the world?
            What about the shootings in the United States? What about the countless tragedies that have committed all of the western world. China has its problems, but I hope that you can understand that western media is incredibly biased against China.Lots of good things happen in china but when was the last time you heard about any of it?

          • Anya

            Um … Suzanne Hart, Young and Rubicam Christmas 2011 (2012?) mangled to death by a malfunctioning elevator in NYC? Four elevator decapitation in Texas in recent years? Isn’t just in China where saving money by neglecting safety inspections costs innocent lives.

    2. Jake the Muss!

      Notice how not one of them tried to help her. Typical Chinese!

      Give me 5 mins in an elevator with these ‘people’.

      • Loop

        Did you even watch it? Someone tried to grab her but it all was so quick there was no chance.

        The people at fault are the people checking the elevator or the designers. There is obviously no safety checks on this. Door open = should not move!

        • marme

          There was not even time to react it happend so fast. Once her body fell back into the elevator while you cant see it, it is clear she had completely lost her head. What could they possibly do at that point? I am sure if they played the audio those people were having major freak outs, look at how the run out of the elevator when the doors open

      • Charles

        Typical… The least they could have done was try to sew her head back on. And for all you people who think Jake was being serious please take a step back.

        Jeez this is grizzly. The people don’t look like they are freaking out on the video but I can only imagine how scarred they are after an experience like this.. Just a shitty situation all around.

      • James

        You’re an idiot. What could they have done? Pull her? That would have just killed her quicker. Pathetic Keyboard Warrior. You probably would have just sat at the corner and cried if you were in the same situation.

    3. KalanStar

      I guess the 10 person max was the max. 20% over capacity. If only Chinese could follow the rules, and perhaps have at least 1 qualified maintenance person per building, crap like this wouldn’t happen…

      • Anya

        Um … Suzanne Hart, Young and Rubicam Christmas 2011 (2012?) mangled to death by a malfunctioning elevator in NYC? Four elevator decapitation in Texas in recent years? Isn’t just in China where saving money by neglecting safety inspections costs innocent lives.

    4. KalanStar

      “The brands of the elevator involved in the two accidents were not mentioned in Chinese media report,” Sina noted in an article last week.”

      The initial report aid they were Mitsubishi elevators… Of course, that could be like the reports of lightening causing other “accidents”….

      • kevin ye

        danwarden, you are a fucking piece of garbage that need to be chopped up into pieces and feed to the dog and become dog shit. you motherfucker son of bitch fucking cunt.

    5. murik

      this is why I don’t trust anything that comes from China, imagine how many deaths chinese elevators would cause around the world

    6. jason

      she never got pinched by the doors, the elevator door was open wail descending, and she was on her phone. her upper body was left 4 floors up

    7. Haider

      I have been working in the elevator industry as a project manager. After seeing this i can diagnose only one true cause of the accident. Failure of the ‘curtain of light protection device’. The maintenance team of that elevator is 100% responsible. The project manager of the elevator company also equal responsible.

      I don’t know who is maintaining the elevator, the client of the contractor…..but whoever it is, they are responsible for the death of that lady.

    8. Notime

      A lot of racism (trolling I now learned here) and misunderstanding here. Living now in China from the U.S. for over 10 years – not necessarily out of overwhelming love but interest- I have come to see a good deal of misunderstanding (perhaps more ignorance) on both sides. Both parties need to think very carefully (if they care what comes out of their mouth or what’s put to their name – an illusive concept on the Internet) about putting together sentences of “China/Chinese” or “America/American/s” or any other ethnic, geographic or other denomination. When you do you are likely, unless you clarify further, you are likely just forming a notion on a very small (infinitesimal) sampling of knowledge. And that friends is basically propagating a falsehood. I know there is a lot of junk on the Internet but do you really want to personally be a contributor?

    9. Caring New Zealander

      3 years and no mantaince, B.S. it should be less than that 6 months minimum and the need over loading signs also the elevator doors malfunctioned.
      All i could see was the ladie went up then it comes back down i agree with others they tried to save her but it happen too fast, but i think after ward they should of moved the body out of the elevator and got hospital to take the body away.

      also call a iniquity into the matter to help fix the problem before it happens again.

      Rest in peace. ;_;
      Poor lady.


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