Another Case Of Sexual Assault In Chinese School, This Time Involving American Teacher

LFS campus at Qingpu

A 32-year-old American teacher surnamed McMahon was detained on May 13 under suspicion of sexual assault, reports Xinhua. He worked at Lycee Francais de Shanghai (LFS), an elite French private school.

Reports AFP:

The Shanghai kindergarten teacher was seized by police last month after seven families filed formal accusations against him, alleging sexual abuse and rape of students of both sexes, several parents said.

…[One] mother said her child started behaving oddly soon after they moved to China.

“My daughter was having nervous breakdowns, she was scratching herself on her face and thighs,” she said. “As we had just arrived in China I figured it was exhaustion from moving countries; I didn’t worry about it.”

LFS employed another teacher, also American, who was earlier “extradited to the US on similar charges.”

Foreign teachers in April were placed under scrutiny after two high-profile cases of sexual assault were brought to public attention. And Chinese instructors have had their own problems recently, of course.

LFS management has given their statement. Again, AFP:

Management at the Lycee Francais de Shanghai said: “Families have lodged complaints with the Chinese police against a teacher at the French school of Shanghai over assaults on their children. The investigation is being carried out by the Chinese police and is ongoing.”

American teacher held in Shanghai over allegations of child sex abuse (AFP via SCMP)

    5 Responses to “Another Case Of Sexual Assault In Chinese School, This Time Involving American Teacher”

    1. Jahar

      How the hell does this shit happen? I worked at a kindergarten in Korea for 2 years, and I don’t see how it would be possible. Windows in the doors, classes full of students. Also, cameras. Do Chinese kindergartens have private play hour or something messed up?

    2. Chinese Netizen

      Actually, this is a French school. As far as Chinese schools go, the administrators just take the kids to a hotel in a neighboring city…

    3. Alexander

      It is rather despicable to name the ALLEGED perpetrator when accusations like this, true or not, can destroy a man’s reputation and career. I seriously question the journalistic integrity of Beijing Cream.

      • bag-o-dicks

        So you expect this website to have a completely different concept of journalistic integrity to AFP?


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