Want To See Metallica In Shanghai On August 13? Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow Morning [UPDATE]


You may have already heard, but after several false starts — years of teasing — Metallica is finally, actually coming to China. As the band announced yesterday on its website:

It is so rare for us to be able to say that we are visiting a country for the very first time, so this is an extra special announcement for us. After over 31 years of traveling to almost all corners of the world for so many amazing, wild and thrilling adventures, we will finally be heading to China!! We’ll be hitting the stage in Shanghai at the Mercedes-Benz Arena on August 13.

August 13, 8 pm, Mercedes-Benz Arena. So the important question: how can you get tickets? Per Metallica’s website:

Tickets go on sale on June 7 at 10:00 AM local time. A limited of tickets are being held for Met Club members. Club Members should login to Metallica.com for more information on how to buy these tickets.

And if you’re not a Met Club member…

Ticket Order: 400-610-3721Piao.com.cn
English: 021-5150-9199SmartShanghai.com

That’s Shanghai reports that you can also purchase via Damai.cn, and that prices will be RMB480, 980, 1,280, 1,680.

However, when we called for more info, we were told that ticket prices have yet to be finalized. The operator asked us to call back tomorrow at 10 am.

Tomorrow, 10 am. If you’re looking for the cheap seats — or any seats, for that matter — we recommend calling at that time. Tickets will not last.

And if you do go, you might see local music celebrity Beijing Daze there. As the man puts it:

still debating whether this gig is worth the 2000 rmb for ticket + train to get there.

UPDATE, 12:42 pm: Via Rob Schmitz, here’s the officially approved Metallica setlist (note: not that these “officially approved” setlists really matter, as we’ve written before):

1. Hit the Lights 直击现场

2. Harvester of Sorrow 悲哀的收割机

3. Welcome Home 欢迎回家

4. Through the Never 超越不可能

5. Of Wolf and Man 狼与人

6. Sad But True痛苦的真实

7. Fade to Black 消失在黑暗

8. The Memory Remains 回忆依旧

9. For Whom the Bell Tolls 丧钟为谁而鸣

10. Blackened 黑暗

11. Nothing Else Matters 其他都不重要

12. Enter Sandman 进入睡眠

13. Metal Militia 金属民兵

14. Seek & Destroy 寻找与破坏

15. Fuel 热量

16. All Nightmare Long 漫长的梦魇

17. Turn The Page 翻过这一页

18. Motorbreath 马达轰鸣

19. The Shortest Straw 最短的稻草

20. Holier Than Thou比你忠诚

21. The Four Horsemen 四骑士

22. Leper Messiah 被排斥的弥赛亚

23. The Thing That Should Not Be 违反常理的事物

24. Broken, Beat, and Scarred 破碎,被打败,受伤

25. My Friend Of Misery 我痛苦的朋友

26. Wherever I May Roam 漂泊向何方

27. The Unforgiven 无法宽恕

28. …And Justice For All 所有人的正义

29. Hell and Back 地狱归来

30. The Struggle Within 挣扎中挣扎

31. The God That Failed 失职的上帝

32. Whiplash 鞭打

33. Breadfan 守财奴

34. Stone Cold Crazy 冰冷的疯狂

35. Disposable Heroes 可丢弃的英雄

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