Play “Defense Of The Diaoyu Islands” On Global Times, Tell Us Your High Score

Defense of the Diaoyu Islands

We thank and curse Kotaku for alerting us to the game “Defense of the Diaoyu Islands,” hosted on Chinese Global Times’s website, wherein a player takes control of a Chinese warship that must kill as many Japanese enemies as possible before inevitable failure.

It’s interesting, but what a time suck.

Defence of the Diaoyu Islands takes after pretty much every single screen scrolling shooter from Raiden to Ikaruga,” explains Eric Jou. “Basically the player takes control of a Chinese ‘Diaoyu Island’ patrol ship for the purpose of defending the Diaoyu Island!”

Or as one Reddit commenter put it, “All this taught me is that the Japanese Navy is fucking badass.”

Two keys for getting a high score:

1. Level up on weapons, preferably the laser.

2. Hitting space bar will destroy all enemies on screen.

30,900 is my high score. Reddit’s platypusmusic has 50,000. And yours?

Defense of the Diaoyu Islands high score

    5 Responses to “Play “Defense Of The Diaoyu Islands” On Global Times, Tell Us Your High Score”

    1. RhZ

      The redditor got there before me but that’s classic!

      They made a game where the Japanese always win in the end, so perfect GT…

    2. Eric

      Aww! i need to update this because in Chinese red games, the Japanese can’t win!! hahahaahaha i can’t believe i overlooked it!

    3. Henry

      This is the kind of subtlety William Randolph Hearst could only dream of when he promised to spark the Spanish/American War with the infamous phrase “You supply the pictures, I’ll supply the war.”


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