Another Knife Attack In Beijing: 4 Injured Outside Carrefour [UPDATE]

Carrefour stabbing 4

A man wielding a knife injured four people, including two children, outside a Carrefour in Beijing this afternoon, Xinhua reports. Eyewitnesses say the suspect planted himself on the ground after the attacks. Police identified the man as surnamed Wang, a local who was born in 1963. They have taken him into custody and sealed off the area.

The four injured have been taken to the hospital. The extent of their injuries are not known at this time.

The incident will surely remind people of a fatal knife attack outside Chaoyang Joy City mall in Beijing on Wednesday. Two people died in that episode, including a foreigner, and police had to wrestle the assailant to the ground in dramatic fashion.

As always, pictures from the scene are popping up on Sina Weibo first.

Carrefour stabbing 6 Carrefour stabbing 5 Carrefour stabbing 1

UPDATE, 7/22, 12:02 am: A middle-aged woman has died, according to CRI. Also: “The suspect had also stabbed the knife through the abdomen of a two-and-a-half year-old baby, severely wounding the baby’s intestines.” The baby remains in critical condition. The other two who were injured are 12 and 24.

Man stabs people Carrefour Beijing

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