Another Bus Stabbing Leaves 4 Dead, 11 Injured In Chengdu [UPDATE]

Stabbing spree in Chengdu

A 41-year-old man identified as surnamed Li stabbed and killed four people on a bus on Sunday night in Chengdu, injuring 11 others. Officers on the scene, after firing warning shots, fired and Li and wounded him.

Reports SCMP:

Chengu police confirmed that Li was originally from Jintang county, and said he may have committed the attacks because of financial problems that resulted from “family discord” and the long-term stress of working away from his hometown.

Li’s attacks are a blow to Caojia Alley, a formerly more industrial area that is now a key region in Chengdu’s commercial redevelopment and restructuring program.

This incident follows a similar bus stabbing in Anyang, Henan province on August 20, when a man randomly stabbed 15 people and killed three of them.

Here are some graphic photos of the aftermath via Sina Weibo. Second warning: graphic.

UPDATE, video:

UPDATE, 8/28, 11:20 am: We were amiss to not comment on the heroics of the bus driver. This via China Daily:

The driver stopped the bus and opened both doors to allow passengers on board to flee. As the suspect fled, he also stabbed passersby.

Holding a mop, the bus driver chased the man, and some people in the street tried to stop him.

Assuming China Daily means “tried to stop the knife-wielder.” Chased him with a mop.

    2 Responses to “Another Bus Stabbing Leaves 4 Dead, 11 Injured In Chengdu [UPDATE]”

    1. KalanStar

      A very common occurrence in China.

      Suck at life a fight with your family who don’t like you because you suck at life? If yes, then grab a knife and kill random strangers who don’t suck as much as you do at life! It’s “Falling Down” with Chinese Characteristics…

    2. KalanStar

      Suck at life? Know the reason you suck at life is because you are a loser with no skills? If yes, go get a knife and kill random Chinese people who aren’t sucking at life like you are and kill them! This is “Falling Down” with Chinese Characteristics.


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