Bedbugs Found On Beijing-Shanghai Bullet Train. How Worried Should You Be?


Probably not worried enough to not take the train, because the alternative — flying — is really much worse. Still, this is slightly concerning:

Beijing health officials confirmed that insects that a passenger found on a Beijing-Shanghai bullet train last month were blood-sucking bedbugs, Labor Daily reported today.

Blood-sucking bedbugs are truly the best kind, are they not? That report is via Shanghai Daily, which continues:

The passenger posted a video clip online showing the bedbugs he found on a sleeper bullet train on August 28.

He felt itchy after waking up in the morning, and found seven to eight bedbugs in the sleeping berth, said the report, citing his Weibo posting.

I don’t think anyone who’s ever slept on a Chinese train has harbored illusions about their cleanliness, but if you’re really worried, maybe bring some ginger/soap spray, or your own sheets.

But that’s probably too much work. Just sleep with your clothes on and hope for the best.

Blood-sucking bedbugs found on Beijing-Shanghai bullet train (Shanghai Daily)

    9 Responses to “Bedbugs Found On Beijing-Shanghai Bullet Train. How Worried Should You Be?”

    1. Garbo

      People not washing themselves and their clothes are a big problem. I noticed a spike in bedbug cases in New York after Chinese tourists started visiting there more.

    2. James

      Hey look, a pest that was eradicated long ago is back… Willing to guess it’s from some filthy burger flipping loser who wandered over here to “teach” english.

      • CJ

        Insightful and highly original narrative, the “all foreigners except James are losers and are in China because they can’t hack it in the real world”. James, are you are troll, racist Chinese, or Sino-apologist?

        • 畚箕

          One sided myopic jaundiced comment. Not all English teachers in China are burgher flippers in their native land, but probably a large percentage.
          And to suggest that bed bug infestation is only a Chinese phenomenon is laughable. Bed bug infestations are a a huge problem in Toronto & other large western cities. Theres no tangible evidence of the source of the scourge – whether it’s from China, or vice versa.

    3. SPC

      This is actually pretty alarming, as Beijing currently does not have a bed bug problem. I got really paranoid about bed bugs a few years ago, but my dermatologist told me she had never seen a case in Beijing, and information I found online seemed to confirm this. Bed bugs spread very easily and are very hard to get rid of, hence major infestations in cities like New York. Really hope this won’t become a problem in Beijing!!


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