Announcing: Subway Line 2 Halloween Party This Friday [UPDATE]

Halloween Subway Line 2 party

We at Beijing Cream do not actively condone buffoonery, excessive alcohol intake, or buffoonery as the result of excessive alcohol intake, but understand we are surrounded by all of the above anyway — and that it can be fun. And so it’s with no small amount of ambivalence that we announce: this Friday, November 1, revelers in Halloween costumes will be gathering around 9 pm (+30 minutes or so) at Dongzhimen Subway Station and riding south on Line 2 for this year’s official Halloween Subway Party. BYOB.

We can vouch for the integrity, overall decency, and general spirit of this year’s principal participants, but of course, hopefully you understand that by joining this event you waive your unalienable right to not be mocked and pilloried on public forums, including this one. Then again, if you’re willing to dress as a dinosaur or a Jedi or Bo Xilai and act a fool on public transport, you probably already don’t give a shit.

Try your best to avoid scaring other riders. Offer them a drink. Smile a lot. Don’t be a dick. Just remember: you want to find yourself featured under this tag, not this one.

UPDATE, 11/1, 11:36 am: We’ve just learned of another subway party, this one on Saturday (tomorrow) starting at two locations, Wudaokou and Dongzhimen. They’re keeping specific plans under wraps for now, so just get in touch if you’d like more info.

UPDATE: Here are images from the November 1 subway party, and a video from the November 2 party.

    8 Responses to “Announcing: Subway Line 2 Halloween Party This Friday [UPDATE]”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      Allow me to pillory first…

      Yeah! Whee! Yippee! Look at us! We’re fun loving wacky foreigners doing wild and wacky things in a land where we know we can get away with acting like douches, drinking in public and thinking we’re so crazy! Aren’t you jealous, drab and repressed Chinese people? Notice how hard we work at showing you how much fun we’re having! Yippee! See our pathetic Chinese girlfriends tag along and try to show how hip they are and internationalised they are? Notice the unwanted lard assed Lao wai women tagging along as well being highly vocal and piercing in volume! Woo hoo! Yippee! Yay!

    2. King Tubby

      Chinese Netizen nails it beautifully.
      And why block out the faces of these American dipsticks/scumsuckers living under the delusion they’re so f… cool?
      They probably scored this post by offering Corporal Tao a couple of bottles of warm Pearl River Lager.

    3. HiGuy

      You guys gotta stop hating! it’s just a party, nobody is showing off anything, it’s just people partying on halloween, and the subway makes it an even more unique event. If you guys don’t party that much, no need to hate on people who do,

      On the 3 previous times this party happened, Chinese people loved the idea and joined and even drank and danced with us. nuff said!

      • mike

        “Chinese people loved the idea and joined and even drank and danced with us. nuff said!”

        If by ‘joined’ you mean, stood 5ft off to the side and spent the whole time gawking at you, sneering at you and talking about you, party on!!!!!

    4. BS

      Chinese Netizen, you forgot to mention that most of these attention whores wouldn’t do this back home. But when they’re in China suddenly they’ve lost all track of reality. As if just being a foreigner doesn’t get you enough attention, no it is imperative to dress up like a 16-year-old wanker. Or to hit on every other girl, grow a weak beard, wear a flat cap and wear one of those Arafat scarfs. What’s happened to moving to China and not turning into a poor man’s hipster?[G.O.B.]Come on![/G.O.B.]

      • Chinese Netizen

        Arafat scarf! Love it and spot on!!
        “Dammit we know how to have a great time so watch us force it down your throats!!”
        “And you’ll be forced to see us have a great time again in December wearing red caps, fake white beards and getting shit faced to make a point!”


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