We Found Her, The Worst Mother-In-Law In China


Ever the Quiet Burier of Ledes, Global Times published a news item Monday that surely qualifies for Hideous China Story of the Year (Relationships Edition)… although GT went for the more casual “Mom jailed for covert contraceptive.”

It’s a Turducken of a tale – one that gradually reveals more unpleasant layers with every sentence until, eventually, everybody loses. The action begins in 2015 with a young graduate, Zhang Yang, whose girlfriend, “Yanzi,” is pregnant. Unfortunately, Zhang’s mother Zhang Xiuqin does not approve of the match, and not only pressures Yanzi into getting an abortion – she does the procedure herself. Medical ethics are clearly not an issue for Nurse Zhang, though:

Zhang Xiuqin was handed six months and a 5,000-yuan ($743) fine…for implanting [a] diaphragm while performing an abortion on the woman, CCTV news reported.

Yanzi only discovered the device years later while seeking treatment because she had been unable to conceive since.

Zhang told authorities she inserted the contraceptive device to sabotage their relationship and prevent them from marrying.

Zhang said she had disapproved of their relationship because at the time her son was a college-educated and Yanzi was working as a waitress.

Things then take a deeply amoral twist for the worse:

Zhang began encouraging Yanzi and Zhang Yang to get back together after learning the former waitress had made a fortune.

For some reason, Yanzi didn’t fancy another invasive Ob-Gyn procedure at the hands of her meddling mother-in-law and went somewhere else to figure out why she couldn’t get pregnant again. The plot unraveled and the sociopathic Nurse Zhang ended up in jail (whether she is allowed to practice nursing again is another story, but am gonna guess probably… yes). Last, quick twist of the knife:

The couple eventually broke up.

The story is filed under GT’s “Odd” section, but is frankly so WTF-awful, it could form one of the plotlines in Party Members and still come off as a little extreme.

h/t Isabella Steger

    5 Responses to “We Found Her, The Worst Mother-In-Law In China”

    1. FOARP

      Wow. Friend of mine’s girlfriend’s mum kidnapped his girlfriend and tried to brainwash her into staying away from him because he was an evil Laowai, but even that isn’t as bad as this.

    2. Kelly Ray

      Funnily enough, I read this story on er….Global Times. Is this the best that Robert Foyle Hunwick and Beijing Cream can do? Rehash someone else’s second hand news and pass it off as if “they” found this person? Fake Fake Fake and pretty darn worthless too, its already been reported elsewhere, losers.

    3. jixiang

      I don’t know who it is who found the time to come to this site on a number of separate occasions and leave nasty personal attacks and insults against a well-known China blogger, but whoever you are you’re pathetic. Get some help.


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