Goodness Gracious, Xinhua: “Terrible! When Women Get Drunk” [UPDATE]

Here we are, having a serious afternoon discussion about assault and kidnapping, and who but Uncle Xinhua bursts into the living room with pants around his ankles, hair all fussed, a white bottle of gin in one hand and a burgundy bottle of rum in the other, shouting with a breath that stinks of hangover, “GUESS WHAT? IT’S DRUNK O’CLOCK TIME, BITCHES!”

Here’s its latest slideshow, titled “Terrible! When women get drunk.” Ladies: what have you got to say for yourselves?

We’ve left the less safe-for-work images on Xinhua’s site.

UPDATE, 6:07 pm: I hope it was as obvious to you as it was to us that these photos didn’t originate with Xinhua, and I’m not really sure you can trust its sourcing of “,” either. But would you believe this slideshow was simply a repost of an August 8 slideshow — from Xinhua, of course — titled, “How terrible! When women get drunk”?

I know, shocking that Xinhua (of all places!) would do such a thing, right?

(Maybe not.)

    4 Responses to “Goodness Gracious, Xinhua: “Terrible! When Women Get Drunk” [UPDATE]”

    1. snoopfrog

      Yeah baby… that’s what i call investigative journalism… real groundbreaking shit from our xinhua pals… forget abt war in syria or any other nonsense baby, let’s go and investigate this epidemic of half naked drunken coeds

    2. bert

      And drunk white women of course. No women (virgins all of them) in China ever get drunk and bang under the stairs in a KTV

      • Chinese Netizen

        Because those are whores. In China there are only virgins or whores. Or a tai tai but that does not count as she has your baby whilst you’re off shagging whores.


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