The Most Disturbing And Bloody Subway Fight You’ll See, With Biting [Graphic]

This morning on Guangzhou’s Subway Line 4 around Chepi South Station, a man identified as “70-some years old” and another who is “20-some years old” began fighting over a seat. To say things escalated would be an understatement. Neither man would relent, and the result was a bloodbath that sent everyone scurrying.

It’s unclear which of two is bleeding more seriously, but it’s definitely the most brutal and stomach-turning fight we’ve seen since this one at Beijing’s Sanlitun in May. At one point, the old man has the young man pinned against the seat and appears to bite him. When he looks up, his face is smeared with blood, and yeah, it’s way worse than this face-biting in Foshan. (What the hell is is in Guangdong’s water, by the way? Two biting incidents in three days!)

Graphic content. You’ve been warned. Youku video for those in China after the jump. UPDATE, 10/9, 8:25 pm: The blood is apparently from the old man’s nose, and Guangzhou Subway Public Security is reporting the two men are totally cool now.

(H/T @jcr_bojiang)

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