17-Year-Old In Fujian, Ashamed Of Getting Erections, Turns To Self-Castration

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A 17-year-old in Anxi, Fujian province tried to cut off his penis to spite his out-of-control teenage and totally normal hormonal drive. Thankfully for him, he was not successful.

According to Strait Metropolis Daily, the 17-year-old was at home Saturday, in bed, when he took a knife and tried to castrate himself. His screams startled his parents, who quickly took him to the hospital via his neighbor’s car. (Poor neighbor.)

The hospital was able to stop his bleeding before transferring him to Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University. According to the doctor, the patient said (doctor-patient confidentiality doesn’t exactly exist in China) he was ashamed of constantly getting erections in public, in broad daylight, and that it made him feel loathsome and depressed. He had been suffering for a long time before turning to the knife.

“Confronted with this journalist’s questions, [the 17-year-old] didn’t say a single word from start to finish,” writes Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Yu Zhicun.

Doctors successfully operated on the young man, who is expected to recover sexual functioning.

Yu ends the article by writing that parents should educate their children and foster open communication about these, ahem, issues.

By the way, do not do a Baidu image search, in Chinese, of “self-castration” or “Fujian Anxi 17-year-old youngster perhaps ashamed of erection self-castrates.” I just did. What a horrible, horrible mistake.

    6 Responses to “17-Year-Old In Fujian, Ashamed Of Getting Erections, Turns To Self-Castration”

    1. sinostand

      My friend from Sichuan told me a story a lot like this from when he was in high school. A kid had a crush on a girl in his class (more like he wanted to have sex with her), and through some warped failure of sex ed and knowing what to do when you have a crush, he wrote “I want to rape [girl's name]” on the chalkboard before class. Everyone laughed at him and he got in trouble with the teacher, so he cut off his own penis because he thought his classmates/teachers’ reactions meant his sexual urges were abnormal.

    2. gaun

      Official education on sex maybe horrible but the out of class extra credit going on now days is pretty much standard with the rest of the world.

      -Guan in Fujian

    3. bert

      I don’t think it’s a problem of school sex education but simply no commonsense. How many of us guys got those youthful badly timed erections? Even though we had no sex education we didn’t try to cut it off?!!! Come on!


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