Scavengers Risk Death By Fiery Explosion To Steal Petrol From Overturned Tanker

If your truck carries a commodity and it flips over, it will be raided. This we have seen again and again and again, and now we know — thanks to the latest incident — that villagers are perfectly willing to risk death to collect what they can.

In Huanggang, Hubei province on Saturday at 7 am, a 35-ton oil tanker lost control and overturned, spilling petroleum over the pavement. A dozen residents saw this and hurried over with buckets and pails to collect the leaking gas.

Thirty rescue workers also hurried over, but for a completely different reason. They sealed the area best they could and sprayed down the trucks with gallons upon gallons of fire retardant, because, you know, overturned oil tankers have been known to explode.

    2 Responses to “Scavengers Risk Death By Fiery Explosion To Steal Petrol From Overturned Tanker”

    1. Ian G

      They used fire retardants? If the truck had gone up it would have been the reverse; i.e. a case of retardant fires :-)))

    2. Ander

      Looks like this happened outside a petrol station.
      Who can blame the locals for thinking this was some kind of promotion?


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