China Shutters 225 Websites And More Than 30,000 Microblogs For “Obscene Content,” But Not PornHub

Ron Jeremy facepalm

China ostensibly hates porn — hates it with a passion and hates it despite reason – but its state news organization links to it and — as the running joke with us goes — one particular porn site, the 39th most popular in the US, remains unblocked.

To clarify: that’s 39th most popular website, not just porn site, and 65th most popular website in the world.


Through thick, thin, and Internet nukeage, it has remained unblocked, like a cockroach, never to be eliminated.

So it is that when we saw Xinhua’s latest announcement that China’s relevant ministries recently terminated 225 websites and more than 30,000 microblogs that distributed “obscene content” — culled from more than 79,000 tips — we wondered: is PornHub still there?

The answer is yes. There’s a lovely gif on the right sidebar, too.

…unless, that is, your office is the one that was assigned to assess those 79,000 user-sent tips. For anyone — and I mean anyone — that’s a lot of porn to look at. Does one get desensitized? Does it basically ruin your chance of keeping a normal sex life? I don’t know. But good job, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Ministry of Public Security. China is such a safer place thanks to your due diligence.


225 websites closed for spreading porn (Xinhua)

    4 Responses to “China Shutters 225 Websites And More Than 30,000 Microblogs For “Obscene Content,” But Not PornHub”

    1. David S. Wills

      I had noticed that. I mean, er, because my pervert friends told me. But yeah, PornHub has been amazingly persistent in beating the censors. To be fair, though, you can only push people so far before they reach breaking point, and I guess PornHub is the concession.

    2. Laoshu

      Porn is a great educational tool… My Chinese GF never wanted to give me a BJ, once she saw it on pornhub.. she thought its normal.. et voila !


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