At Least 8 Dead As Egg-Sized Hail, Like “Stone Rain,” Pummels Southern China [UPDATE]

A freak hailstorm swept through southern China last night, hitting Fujian, Hunan and Guangdong provinces, but the place that got it worst was the city of Dongguan, Guangdong, where preliminary reports say at least eight people have died and 136 injured.

According to SCMP, “maximum wind speeds were recorded at 49.1 metres a second, and the greatest precipitation of rain was recorded at 40.6mm in Dalingshan.”

Witnesses likened the egg-sized hail to “stones falling from the sky” and said they “sounded like endless drumming.”

Judging by some pictures, the hail was even bigger than eggs in some parts:

Dongguan hail size

Here’s another picture via CNTV:

Dongguan hail damage

And three more pictures of the damage:

Dongguan hail damage 4
Dongguan hail damage 2
Dongguan hail damage 3

Here’s a compilation video:

Youku version of top vid:

UPDATE, 3/22, 5:12 pm: Looks like it’s now 9 dead, 272 injured, according to Xinhua. Eleven or those injured are in critical condition.

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    1. China Newz

      Those poor people in Dongguan. Isn’t it a warm climate there? You never know what live is going to bring you.


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