How Long Can You Touch A Car?

Car-touching competition 1

What if we told you the last one to stop touching the car gets to keep it? How long could/would you touch it, then?

Yesterday in Shanghai, some 60 people began competing to win a new Volkswagen Polo by keeping their hands pressed to it. According to China Daily, contestants were allowed one 15-minute bathroom break every six hours, and the last person to remove his/her hand is the grand prize winner.

To the best of our knowledge, this competition is currently ongoing. It started yesterday, right? Last year, the winner of a similar contest touched a BMW for 87 consecutive hours. EIGHTY-SEVEN. He said the experience felt like “being kidnapped.”

Good luck, 2013 contestants.

Car-touching competition 3
Car-touching competition 4
Car-touching competition 2

(H/T Alicia)

UPDATE, 11:51 pm: Oh look, video!

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