Naked Chinese Girl Salutes Soldiers In Anti-Japanese Drama, Netizens Express Dismay And Scorn

Naked girl in anti-Japanese movie

Authorities approved 303 new TV shows last year, according to Economic Observer, with more than half carrying a revolutionary theme. Would it surprise anyone that out of those, the majority expressed anti-Japanese sentiment?

But you can only be so anti-Japanese before people get bored. And thus, shows have to resort to other tactics to grab ratings. Like with naked girls.

The above picture, posted by Sina Weibo user @Happy张江, is from “some anti-Japanese war flick,” though which exactly, it wasn’t said. The post has gone viral, and reaction has been… mixed.

@执笔天地绘乾坤: Ai! I like watching anti-Japanese war dramas. But this? What is this? History is distorted and children are misled!

@阿杰1991的世界: Wow, she took it all over. Not worth it. This girl has sacrificed way too much for this kind of drama. Do people even watch old-fashioned shows about anti-Japanese war?

@jerry7亮亮  That’s what I call revolutionary spirit. Brava!

@lonemath: Lol, I didn’t know there’re adult videos on the anti-Japanese war.

@靖仑: What film? This is a true story, y’all! A peasant’s daughter is reporting to the chief that she was raped by his soldiers, and she is showing off the evidence.

@这蠢驴不听话1109在搜狐: The more films they shoot, the more retarded they become. Except for easy money, there is nothing good from this kind of film. A complete waste of time! The Chinese entertainment projects are again being raped by a bunch of idiots. Cannot believe this has been approved by the government. Speechless!

@ 轻云剑: OK, so she voluntarily took off her clothes and the soldiers just stood there and saluted and watched? They did not even approach her? Yeah, right!

@ Vwords: Quick, give me the name of this show!

@ 無良看客: The director must think we are fools! They would have a little 18-year-old girl fight against the Japanese? What is it that he is trying to say? That she is patriotic? That we should admire her? Come on! This is outrageous! I hate every time how they glorify the image of a heroine just to inspire people. Oh yeah, I love my country and I will die for it, just because a vulnerable girl would sacrifice her body for it. Give me a break!

@八路2010: Unbelievable. What is it about nudity that is so attractive? Regardless of if this really occurred during the war, what is their intention of putting it on TV? More viewers? Or more anti-Japanese sentiment? Honestly, I don’t see the relationship between a nude female and anti-Japanese whatsoever. She is just standing there, which serves no purpose.

@哥哥你别太瘦: Is this an anti-Japanese video or a Japanese video?

@ riomaster: Stop making fun of our honorable red soldiers. Solders are people too. They have needs just like the rest of us.

The growth of anti-Japanese movies has been a boon for actors — this guy dies up to eight times a day playing Japanese soldiers — but it’s also made for ridiculousness, such as this scene of an enemy being cut in half. Add the above picture to the collection.

It’s no wonder that a bit of viewer fatigue is setting in. Take it away, guy:

@作业本: Every channel is airing anti-Japanese shows. Please stop! We got it! You defeated the Japanese. One of you can kill ten bad guys. And a wounded Red soldier can still kill ten Japanese bastards. A Red soldier with 16 bullets in his chest still stands until the end. You never lose and the Japanese never wins. The Japanese had the best weapons, best uniform and equipment, you have nothing to eat or drink, yet you still manage to slay all of them. I cannot believe that with these superb skills, the war still took eight whole years to finish. Chiang Kai-shek is a total loser!

Xiao Yi is a travel enthusiast who tweets @ellies_day.

    3 Responses to “Naked Chinese Girl Salutes Soldiers In Anti-Japanese Drama, Netizens Express Dismay And Scorn”

      • King Baeksu

        Basically, this is a shanzhai production. Over the years, there have been several controversies over artistic representation of nude Korean comfort women. Back in 2004, for instance, Lee Seung-yeon caused a shit-storm with her “nude comfort women photo and video project.” As is the case here, the general response was “WTF?” and things did not end very well for her.

        As usual, China is several years late to the game.


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