Woman Poops In Shenzhen Subway Elevator, Caught On Video

What is a public sphere space? Who belongs? And what are the things that one can do in this place?


In this video, a middle-aged woman, on an elevator in Shenzhen’s Subway Line 3, suddenly feels the call of nature, so she drops trou and takes a dump.

Her companion, a middle-aged male, stands beside her and holds a button to keep the elevator doors closed. Neither clean up the mess, because, you know, who cleans up their own poop, right?

They probably didn’t suspect a camera was rolling, and that footage would be posted online, and watched at least 79,000 times within a day. Southern News reports that the Shenzhen Metro Line Company has confirmed the veracity of the footage. The incident appears to have happened on April 22 at 3:14 pm.

We’re not sure whether this particular subway station had a bathroom. After a similar pooping incident in the Guangzhou subway — albeit involving a schoolboy, not an adult woman — Metro authorities took the step of publicizing via social media all of the bathroom locations in its underground network.

Also, it’s up for debate whether pooping in an elevator is better or worse than pooping on a train itself. Let that debate commence.

(H/T Alicia)

    4 Responses to “Woman Poops In Shenzhen Subway Elevator, Caught On Video”

    1. Sue Holmes

      Hahahaha I live in Shenzhen now and these two are probably at the top of the social heap down here

    2. Michael

      See what happens when you stick with those squat toilets? It’s like classical conditioning, teaching mice that floor=go poop here.

      Naw, just kidding.. this is just an example of someone who obviously can’t eat Spicy food.. tsk tsk tsk…


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