Chinese Government Official Reportedly Bullies Sexual Assault Victim On Behalf Of His Son [UPDATE]

Chinese student accused of date rape and sexual assault

Xuanyu Zhong, the son of a Chinese government official, stood before a British court recently on charges of sexually assaulting a girl at Northumbria University in December 2011. Daily Mail reports that Zhong, 25, spurred by an obsession with rape porn, spiked a girl’s drink with a date-rape drug one evening. At the court hearing, Daily Mail reports that he expressed his intent “to copy the videos” — the many rape videos he watched — “by raping his drugged victim.” Instead, he “changed his mind at the last minute and sexually assaulted her instead.”

This story takes an awful if not unexpected turn: Zhong’s father, the government official, reportedly called on friends to bully and coerce the alleged victim.

She was subjected to a campaign of threatening texts and phone calls after Zhong’s father – who is based in China – and friends tracked her down and tried to put pressure on her not to give evidence.

She would not be intimidated, however, and presented evidence to authorities. Zhong wrote a letter to the judge that Daily Mail says documents “what he had done,” although there’s no indication of what that might be.

His defense lawyer had this to say:

“His letter isn’t a complete acceptance but it is a substantial acceptance.

“It expresses remorse and explains the factors which made it difficult for him to put in a guilty plea at an earlier stage.”

We’re not exactly sure what that means.

But his case calls to mind two others involving the Chinese in Britain: a Chinese broadcaster who loved his porn to be a bit too extreme, and a University of Bath student who unsuccessfully tried to bribe a professor who gave him a bad grade.

To be fair, the Chinese in America are liable to do terrible things, too.

Son of Chinese government official drugged and sexually assaulted girl at British university… (Daily Mail, h/t Alicia)

UPDATE, 7/8, 2:20 pm: We’re not sure who exactly Zhong’s father is, but it’s not the deputy commander of Shenyang Military Region in Liaoning province, according to Sina.

Zhong Xuanyu, a Chinese student who drugged and sexually assaulted a girl at Northumbria University in Britain, is rumored to be the son of Zhong Zhiming, the deputy commander of Shenyang Military Region in China’s Liaoning Province. The military region clarified recently that the only son of Zhong is named Zhong Bo, who has never been abroad in his life, and has nothing to do with the hideous crime.

No other family bachground information of the student has been revealed yet besides the online rumor.

    3 Responses to “Chinese Government Official Reportedly Bullies Sexual Assault Victim On Behalf Of His Son [UPDATE]”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      Good Gawd, he’s in the UK…land of fashion forward design and style and yet he’s still sporting that cheezy “Septwolves” polo. Good thing he didn’t pop the collar.
      You can take the child of a cadre out of China but you can’t take the cadre or China out of the child.

    2. Baas in Xiamen

      What a clown.

      And f**k his father.


      I love my job – I get to keep this kind of filth out of our countries.


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