Two Young Girls Die Horrifically Inside Washing Machine

Firl dies in washing machine

A pair of sisters, ages 4 and 2, died inside their home’s washing machine on Saturday around 1:30 pm in Nanchang, Jiangxi province. The details are grisly.

The girls, surnamed Tu, were reportedly playing at home when they somehow both fell into the washing machine and got tangled in the revolving gears. (One of them must have powered on the machine?) They both died of apparent asphyxiation.

Both parents were home at the time: the father was in his room listening to music, and the mother was preparing food. A one-year-old boy was also in the house.

An unidentified person who accompanied the children to the hospital told Beijing Times: “At the time, the children’s faces, noses had been mangled inside the washing machine and bloodied, and also swollen beyond recognition. There were purple bruises all over their bodies, and the washing machine was filled with blood.”

Filled with blood.

Obviously there are unanswered questions, which we’ll leave unasked for the moment, but police have ruled out foul play. Investigators found a step-stool next to the washing machine (pictured above) and concluded the children must have crawled in, for whatever reason.

However. Yesterday, the local police bureau said they never received a call about the incident on the day it happened. The young children’s bodies were also interred before they could investigate. It was only two days later, on September 23, that the victims’ family filed a report, arousing plenty of suspicion from netizens.

As for why the girls were interred so quickly, the grandfather issued this response: “The girls were so beyond recognition at the time, it was painful to look. And since they were small, according to local custom, they should be allowed to rest in peace.”

The police say the mother and father have a good relationship. They found no signs of foul play.

As for the washing machine’s ability to kill, authorities are still investigating.

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    1. MrT

      and they closed the lid and then switched the machine on some how?
      They went on fast spin and didn’t scream? the machine still worked with all that weight? A extremely tight fit also.
      I call total bullshit on this in every possible way.

    2. Jake the Muss!

      Terroir’s comment was fucking hilarious.

      All the critics are just jealous they aren’t half as witty as Terroir.


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