Do Not Sexually Harass This Woman Wearing A See-Through Dress, Please

But what is sexual harassment, really? Does leering count? How about intense leering? How about penetrative leering?

What about sniffing?

Impassioned sniffing?

And while we’re on the subject… aggressive winking: yay or nay?

Here’s what Shanghai Metro’s official Sina Weibo account, which posted the above picture last Wednesday, had to say about this (as translated by Tea Leaf Nation): “If that’s what you wear on a subway, then no wonder you will be sexually harassed! There are too many perverts riding the subway every day, and we can’t catch them all. Girl, you’ve got to respect yourself!”

But I wonder, again: will dressing like that get you publicly jizzed on? If not, there’s patently no reason to be having this conversation.

Two ladies felt the need to “protest” this Shanghai Metro Weibo statement, with signs that read, “I can be sexy, but you can not harass,” and “yes to cool dress, no to dirty man” (translated by China Daily).

These two did not gain much traction — probably because they wore clothes that would not be considered sexy in any country except those that require burqas. I’m not about attention for attention’s sake, but you can’t wear a sign extolling your right to “be sexy” and not wear sexy clothes, amirite? Or am I missing something?

Take a page out of PETA’s book, ladies: get naked. (Or at least dance a little.) Not for my sake, mind you. For the sake of women everywhere who just want to be naked in the comfort of their own private slice of Shanghai subway.

    6 Responses to “Do Not Sexually Harass This Woman Wearing A See-Through Dress, Please”

    1. brackishwater

      Spot on Tao.

      As a leering enthusiast, I have to thank Shanghaiist and Tealeafnation for leading with that deliciously non-consensual photo.

    2. Kat

      Yes, you are missing something. It’s called self-control. Kinda what makes you human instead of a dog humping a leg.


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