Your First Look At The 10th Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival

The Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival is always a big deal because, you know, sex. Created in 2003 by Zhang Feng, a soldier-turned government official who goes by “Brother Feng” in his books, Guangzhou’s annual sex lollapalooza draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. “Sex is like food,” Zhang said in a 2010 interview. “It functions at the very root of human society.”

Everyone has been tittering with anticipation since Xinhua announced the date of this year’s festival back in August, and why not? Unless we’re talking about car shows, rare are these government-sponsored displays of sexuality, and the Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival is the biggest of its ilk. Here, there is no need to suppress, no shame in raising your hand to catch packets of condoms, no one to judge you as you shoulder past fellow neck-craning males to snap photographs of scantily clad, basically naked models in provocative poses, pouring water down their bare chests, wrestling, strutting, spinning on stripper poles.

The 10th annual Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival began yesterday and will end tomorrow. Pictures are coming in hard and fast, and if you just chuckled to yourself while mouthing, “That’s what she said,” please check your self-respect at the door for the next five minutes. Possibly that’s the length of time you’ll need to admire these pictures:

Sources: Sohu, ifengBaidu, The Internet. (H/T Alicia)

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    1. MAC

      Just wondering, as I do every time this comes around… Is there anything remotely edifying going on at this thing, or just awkward, vaguely stomach-churning sleaze?


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