Here’s The 18-Year-Old Who Got A Party Boss Fired, And Of Course Bo Xilai And Wang Lijun Are Involved, Because Chongqing

The Chongqing sex scandal is getting very, very interesting. Whatever intrigue was already inherent in a scandal involving a high-ranking Party official and his mistress, raise it to the power of Wang Lijun and Bo Xilai.

Let’s start here: The femme fatale has been identified as Zhao Hongxi, who was 18 years old in February 2007 when she secretly videotaped herself having sex with Lei Zhengfu, then the party secretary of Chongqing’s Dianjiang county. Ministry of Tofu, which first broke this story on English-language media, reports via Caijing and Beijing News:

In 2007, in order to win lucrative contracts from him, who had by then been promoted to the vice party secretary of Chongqing’s Jiulongpo District, one construction company offered huge bribes to Lei. However, having netted millions of yuan, Lei was not impressed and rejected their offer.

The company soon found out about Lei’s particular interest in women. So they hired several young women, all under 20, and put them through strict training before sending them to sexually please Lei. At the same time, these young women, who approached Lei with fake identities and proffered to be his mistresses, secretly videotaped the intercourse for the company to have more leverage over Lei.

In 2009, the head of the construction company reportedly first threatened to expose Lei, and that’s how we come to the former party secretary of Chongqing, Bo Xilai, and his police chief, Wang Lijun (who you might remember from this saga):

Lei came cleaned on his ‘one-time mistake’ to Bo Xilai, then the party boss of Chongqing and a contender for one of China’s most power political posts. Soon, Wang Lijun, then Chongqing’s police chief, headed a special team to investigate the matter. As the result, Zhao Hongxia was detained for 30 days, and the boss of the company was incarcerated for a year for ‘carving an official seal without authorization from the government.’

If this scandal du jour is beginning to sound a bit too heavy — sex, politics, Bo Xilai – relax: China’s Internet is full of deft photoshoppers who bring proper perspective to it all. Because if a classic political sex scandal doesn’t devolve into this, why even bother?

More via Ministry of Tofu

The website has lots of pictures of Zhao Hongxi, sourced from Dongfang Net:

Also, a woman by the name of Zhou Xiaoxue has been identified as another of Lei Zhengfu’s mistresses. It’s true what they say about power and money being an aphrodisiac, in a manner of speaking.

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    1. King Tubby

      Now Mon General, you mission for today. Locate and publish the sex tapes involving the other five Party members.

      Should you fail, I expect you to take the honourable way out.

    2. Chinese Netizen

      Shagging that toad? ~~shudder~~ I hope no one ever forgets these girls and they grow into old age as spinsters with no man daring to even shake hands with them

    3. thatsbollocks

      Ms Zhou Xiaoxue (the babe in the beach series of pix) was NOT a new mistress. Her personal photo album was apparently hacked/borrowed somehow and mistaken. Not all hotties are brainless


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