People’s Daily Has Slideshow Of “Beautiful Scenery,” By Which It Means Women

“Look, a female!” exclaims People’s Daily.

We’ve been waiting for this. In March, we saw the Ouroboros of Chinese media, when journalists took pictures of other journalists in a slideshow for China Daily. But this year? The humor hasn’t been handed to us on a platter, so we’ve had to dig a little.

No longer. Here’s People’s Daily’s “Beautiful Scenery” slideshow.

Granted, the error is probably in translation, and it’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek. Mistranslations are still funny though.

The Australian reporter included in the slideshow is the same one we wrote about in our last post. She’s now a Chinese Internet sensation who you’ll probably hear from again.

Some people do not like it:

P.S. People’s Daily, from March.

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